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  1. JMercier

    Does old expired domain still hold the same value?

    As we know domain age is important to SEO. My question is, let say I found a domain that was first registered in 2010, then after 5 years it was dropped. Does it count as a domain of 11 years? Or 5 years? or when it expired, it will start again from 0 (as a new)? Would like to hear some...
  2. JMercier

    Girlfriend broke up after 3 years - how to go trough this breakup

    Good luck going through the years that will take to forget her. Be prepared to consume a lot alcohol and cigarettes' , even if you have never consumed them. Depending on how deep relationship was and whether she was first, it will probably take at least 5 years to fully recover.
  3. JMercier

    Which is affiliate friendly advertising network??,
  4. JMercier

    How I Made 500k+ Organic Visitors Monthly

    What's your average word count per post? and was it heavily keyword optimized? Did you include any outbound links to authority sites?
  5. JMercier

    How to increase Tiktok followers without buying?

    you can try 1 listing for free
  6. JMercier

    [METHOD] How to Make $80/day with Clickbank simply by Chatting Online?

    looks like they have added the option to sign up with email lol
  7. JMercier

    [METHOD] How to Make $80/day with Clickbank simply by Chatting Online?

    I used fake Twitter account to sign in.
  8. JMercier

    [METHOD] How to Make $80/day with Clickbank simply by Chatting Online?

    thanks. Can anyone explain how they can be a scam, when they aren't the ones that pay you? As far as I understand you add your own banner ad with your link. The only company that can scam you is your affiliate network. From my own research, google index their posts almost the same day, which...
  9. JMercier

    [METHOD] How to Make $80/day with Clickbank simply by Chatting Online?

    Not an affiliate link: Thoughts?
  10. JMercier

    Is it possible to make money on youtube without making videos ?

    Buy other accounts with videos. Make compilation videos from other people videos.
  11. JMercier

    Reddit Buzzing Stocks!

    Great stuff, keep on posting. I was holding $DDD since it was $10.
  12. JMercier

    Fiverr fee $2.25 now?

    I stopped buying when they gone from $5 to infinity. lol
  13. JMercier

    Reddit Buzzing Stocks!

    interested as well
  14. JMercier

    Buy Quality ~ Gmail - Yahoo - Facebook - Twitter - YouTube - Pinterest ~ Accounts PVA/NPVA

    I want to buy 10 Pinterest,please PM prices
  15. JMercier

    Nine9Ads Exit ads?

    I see. I tested them today for free cpa email submits, got a few conversion. seems legit traffic. still not sure how they show my ads.
  16. JMercier

    Nine9Ads Exit ads?

    Not sure if this is the place to post but I have seen those exit intent ad windows by on some of the biggest sites. Have anyone tried them? walldevil is pushing them as well, I guess they make good showing those ads. anyone?
  17. JMercier

    Manual Web 2.0 Blog Writing & Submission Service ->>> Starting from $5

    Brilliant job. Was worth the price. thanks.