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  1. varules

    What does this means

    Have you placed your link in anywhere? It's because of that, viewers clicked the link.
  2. varules

    I need your opinions about a laptop!

    Try HP Or Apple with this configuration. Dell is also good, but after using sometimes it may go slow down little bit.
  3. varules

    [Sucessful Journey] - 6 Figure Agency by December 2023

    Good plan, all the best for your future endeavors.
  4. varules


    Read articles, follow them, try few things, do what's your skills are capable.
  5. varules

    How to find out the exact number of visitors that a website gets a day?

    There is some tools available, search in google you will get other list of sites.
  6. varules

    No Traffic to my site.

    Do socialmedia postings, you need advertise your site to get more traffic
  7. varules

    Do you want to make money? Side hussle ideas

    The technology is ruling coming days, it's better to learn scraping tools, everyone is looking for scrape data in so many social media platforms.
  8. varules

    Desktop or Workstation?

    DELL laptop will be slow in performance after few days, HP is better than Dell.
  9. varules

    Elon just pointed a gun at Youtube

    He is going to buy YouTube soon!!!
  10. varules

    Elon just pointed a gun at Youtube

    I don't know why he is doing like this, because he is a millionaire?
  11. varules

    Your first blog was in which niche ?

    My blog was yoga and fitness. It's worked well.
  12. varules

    How i made 1000$ in a week with affiliate marketing

    Wow, I wanna try, great work.
  13. varules

    Will Cold Email Ever Die?

    It will work, but sometime you don't know anything will happen, so take precautions before doing that. Cheers
  14. varules


    This will give me confidence how to earn money, good stuff, thank you for this information, it's very helpful.
  15. varules

    How many inches is yours?

    Between 22 to 24 is good, curved monitor is good too.
  16. varules

    Taking a loan to buy a website

    Buy your own site and do what are you interested in, it's good for you.
  17. varules

    bought yt subscribers

    It's a risky, anytime they will be banned. Keep on eye on those subscribers, after few days or months they will goes.
  18. varules

    BTC My Technical Analysis

    Nice information will keep in mind, thanks for sharing.
  19. varules

    How many words can you write per day?

    It's all depends on what niche you are working, it's better to go slowly and write the good content, blogs will need good content.
  20. varules

    How many hours per day is required to run an authority blog?

    It's depends on the blog, if you get a good traffic, than it will be lesser.