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  1. Jewishmoney

    music promotion

    I am promoting a newly released single to boost sales, looking for an individual with the infrastructure available to facilitate further reach and exposure. PM me or post in this thread now. Thank you very much, I appreciate you Check out my single here
  2. Jewishmoney

    Help my ranking Google reviews

    Hello my brothers and sisters. I am looking for an individual/s with experience in crafting quality reviews for Google business directory listings. If you think you are competent please send me a message. Thank you
  3. Jewishmoney

    What's something you learned from your first exgirlfriend or exboyfriend? Chime in BlackHatWorld

    I learned how to control and manipulate to make them do whatever I want. If you'd like to do this too, pm me
  4. Jewishmoney

    Help needed - YouTube no subs

    That's a bitch. I have about two hundred subs on my youtube. Lets go sub for sub, I'll pm you my youtube. I promote other people's content for free because I'm a good person. What I do is print out business cards with my youtube on them and tell people to subscribe. Tell people to subscribe...
  5. Jewishmoney

    How to capture peoples attention on youtube

    I have a Youtube where I upload song covers about three times a week. I do visual edits to the video and I spread my videos along social media. I find it is best to meet the audience where they are and give them what they are looking for. You also can ask them for favors such as spreading your...
  6. Jewishmoney

    Beginner Veteran - Strategy: PinBotAI/Pinterest/clickbankSite

    I'm down to help you optimize it. I'm also a coder, of sorts. PM me a link to your pintrest.
  7. Jewishmoney

    LinkedIn Recommendations Exchange

    I'll reply with a strong interested
  8. Jewishmoney

    Question - Photoshop fake ID for a LinkedIn account

    I think the best thing you can do is create a real linkedin and delete your fake one
  9. Jewishmoney

    [Giveaway] Free Pokemon Plush Toys

    united states friend
  10. Jewishmoney

    [method] reddit + adult easy cash

    this is pretty much adrians method with a small twist
  11. Jewishmoney

    Making money on postloop

    There are tons of methods to make money online. Patients is the name of the game. You never know if a method will work for you but nothing ventured is nothing gained. I can tell you that if enough work is put into it you will make money doing anything. Stop waiting for someone to give you the...
  12. Jewishmoney

    Making money on postloop

    trust me its not worth it. Stop thinking in the normal work for money frame of mind. You would be making them rich while you make peanuts. Find a good method. It might take you a week or more to make your first couple bucks, but after two months you'll see the money rolling in automated, you'll...
  13. Jewishmoney

    made bank using adrians method!

    Yea lol it's not a huge amount yet, but it's more than I started out with. I know that this method converts, and all I need to do now is implement different twists to try and max out my return. The gayest game there is is to make some shekels ;)
  14. Jewishmoney

    made bank using adrians method!

    No I've never heard of that one, but i'd love to learn more about it
  15. Jewishmoney

    made bank using adrians method!

    haha well i'm working hard on that now. Just made a blog selling certain supplements and I'm messing around with seo. I guess the secret is actually putting the work in, once you put in the hard work everything just kind of flows in.
  16. Jewishmoney

    made bank using adrians method!

    I've been doing it for about a week and a half and was so surprised when I checked my affiliate page, I've made 2 dollars! Thats what I'm talking about, and I have Adrian to thank for all of it. Thanks bud.
  17. Jewishmoney

    Help with a twist to adrians porn uploader

    I'm sorry if this isn't the right section for this. I need help finding a script that shows a black screen for a video and when one clicks it, it tells you that you need and extension to play the video and opens a prompt for the download. Does anybody know this script?