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  1. predator411

    Is offpage seo affects on Apps ranking? Google playstore

    The real answer is "We don't know for sure". But what can I tell you my friend is that if you have backlinks, you will have other sites that talk about your app and then you will have possibly more visitors to your page and maybe more reviews. You can verify by yourself, top apps on the play...
  2. predator411

    App negative review affects my app's ranking, should I buy review?

    If there is some developers here we can review our apps each other. Contact me.
  3. predator411

    Need App Store and Google play reviews

    Hi, I am developing apps for IOS and android and I need reviews for my app. Can someone tell me how to get some ?
  4. predator411

    Ios app developer & Instagram graph api

    Hi, I need a developer that can modify my app to make it works with a new api. I developed an ios app that used instagram api but instagram modified their api. I don't know how to change the api file in my app to make it works again. The app made gains and is well placed on the store. I am...
  5. predator411

    Upwork Account Approval Trick

    good luck @Salman Saleem .This is nonsense. They can't even say clearly why they reject us.
  6. predator411

    Upwork Account Approval Trick

    I tried to register a new account but an error occured every time I tried...Guess they might look at my ip adress. I contacted the upwork support trying to get my account approved manually but they can't. Maybe if I continue to spam them everyday, it will works!
  7. predator411

    Looking for IOS and android USA ONLY installs

    Hi, I am looking for app installs. Can someone provide some and at what price ?
  8. predator411

    Need upwork review

    Hi, I need someone to leave me a 5 stars review on upwork.
  9. predator411

    Upwork Account Approval Trick

    I tried during one week, this method doesn't works with my account. Maybe because my account is a customer and a freelancer one.
  10. predator411

    Upwork Account Approval Trick

    I did it too. Still get rejected. I asked to upwork support why they still refuse me, they told me it was because of my skills but I added the two skills in the op. this is nonsense.
  11. predator411

    Upwork Account Approval Trick

    ok I will try @codemaker
  12. predator411

    Looking for fiverr reviews

    Hi, I am looking for fiverr reviews I will pay 9$ for it.
  13. predator411

    Upwork Account Approval Trick

    I changed my skills for the most wanted skills on upwork and didn't get approved. Will try the custom domain mail adress.
  14. predator411

    Upwork Account Approval Trick

    I followed the steps but didn't get instantly approved. And some got banned for changing timezone and country because their ip adress were different I guess. @codemaker 's solution sounds like the normal way to get approved and less risky. Plus you can take tests to show that you are really good...
  15. predator411

    Upwork Account Approval Trick

    If id does'nt gets approved instantly that means that we could risk a ban right? since upwork will really analyze our account @Infamous Nik yes no worries for you anyway you already live in pakistan
  16. predator411

    Upwork Account Approval Trick

    Becarful man because according to @Infamous Nik : "You must have done something wrong if your profile in under review as ID gets approved instantly".
  17. predator411

    Upwork Account Approval Trick

    I did it but I removed my time zone since some people got banned according to the other comments. So what should I do I am from france should I change my country too to pakistan and put karachi timezone?
  18. predator411

    Hello from France

    salut enchanté you will learn fast with this forum!
  19. predator411

    Making money has Developer ?

    You can go on upwork or freelancer to get lot of money (depending on your country also since some buyers prefer to pay a developer from their country or which use the same native language as them). Also, you can create bunch of apps publish them on play store or on the ios app store and then...
  20. predator411

    Need 5 stars IOS Reviews for my app or exchange

    Hi, I need 5 stars IOS reviews for my app. Either I am ready to buy or to exchange: you leave me one 5 stars ratings and I leave to your app 5 stars ratings with comment Thanks in advance