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  1. DMoon95

    Is Wordpress good to setup for selling course ?

    Yes, WordPress is great,just do it :)
  2. DMoon95

    Does anyone know this guy?

    if person took your money and lost , definitely scam
  3. DMoon95

    Best course for Youtube Ads for Ecommerce

    check up here
  4. DMoon95

    Is it Safe to do Link-exchange ?

    If your site is abusing backlinks – if you're trying to manipulate search results by exchanging links – your website runs a high risk of being penalized by Google.
  5. DMoon95

    Should I start CPAGrip?

    give a test and see , depend son what and how etc
  6. DMoon95

    Suggest a New Ad Networks for a Movie Streaming Site if You Have Tried it Recently

    I have used admaven on streaming traffic, but no issue with that! they gave me the best rates i could get.
  7. DMoon95

    Someone made $29000 from AdsTerra.

    its a lucky person who made such amount but its hard to believe
  8. DMoon95

    Monetize downloads site

    COST PER CLICK ADS high quality of ads model since the a high success rate for this type of advertising in a download site. Ad maven offers a lot of cpc ads, from floating native banner slider ads, push notifications ads and banners, using high quality advertisers and stable good performance.
  9. DMoon95

    I need some recomendation the best ads service apart from google ads, fb ads and ig ads.

    Pinterest has a lot of traffic, you can also try Propeller ads, Richpush and AdMaven for push/pop ads
  10. DMoon95

    best PPC or alternative source of traffic

    I had awesome results with AdMaven. propeller are fine too
  11. DMoon95

    My CPA experience ( OGADS )

    my advice to monetize ur profile on social media , this way must work for u , good luck.
  12. DMoon95

    How to make money online offline and online methofs to make money online.
  13. DMoon95

    How to monetize my new site during COVID 19 time?

    Amazon earnings are such low income, because in the end the profit margin is to low, I prefer to use ad networks such as admaven or adsense for sure.
  14. DMoon95

    Very Very Low CPM Exoclick

    wow its bad for real , better my friend change network!
  15. DMoon95

    How should I implement adult CPA for my 3000+ visitors?

    Have you thought of using Pop ad or Push notification? I have also known about adult push offers that have high CPM and CPC that can for traffic as yours. if you want to test it register for admaven Publishers self service and ask for push notification model I am making some good money from it.
  16. DMoon95

    Anyone successful with cpa + push ads?

    I had a problem in the past with my campaign on Admaven and i contacted them in the live chat. try to talk with their team they were very helpful
  17. DMoon95

    Help monetize manga website

    well manga sites are tricky since there are a lot of returning users who are familiar with the site, so I would choose a combination of ads like i have now on my site. i started a while ago to work with admaven if you know them, they offer native ads, pop and push so pretty comfortable for me to...
  18. DMoon95

    Whats a good pay per click site

    I don't know about pay per clicks but why don't you use a CPM network?
  19. DMoon95

    What are your experiences with a BOSS

    just need be respect this is first and if to say abt money then maybe all of us need push to the boss sometimes , depends on situation.
  20. DMoon95

    Exoclick alternative?

    Do you have adult traffic? Pushy ads are your wishes!