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  1. husker999 Account Creation Service

    Do you create account for backlink energizer??
  2. husker999

    Idle AdSense Account + USD5k cash?

    I got a feeling it involved blackhat although clade claims it is whitehat???? Because if it is whitehat, why he need so many account? Its evil to use someone else account to test on his blackhat method.
  3. husker999

    Do you really need money to be happy ?

    Money might not make me happy, but without money, i am definitely not happy
  4. husker999

    Scrapebox Rapid Indexer- Need to index 50,000 links

    I am also looking for a software that can split 10000s of links into 100 and save them in txt file.
  5. husker999

    3 captchabot invite code share...

    which tools actually use captchabot???
  6. husker999

    Domain Banned by Akismet Using ScrapeBox? It Doesnt Have to Be! Get Past the Akismet Ban!

    What about create 30 sub-domain and use 301 redirect to your main site? Eg.
  7. husker999

    Turning $2000 into $3500 - Completely Adsense

    Isn't it better off borrow money from the bank rather than JV????
  8. husker999

    What kind of software or script can do that

    I think you are right, i roughly know what is being used for the site.
  9. husker999

    What kind of software or script can do that

    I saw browsing and saw this website. Basically what this website does is list products and compare price between few affiliate websites such as amazon, ebay, google affiliate network, and stores from shareasale, CJ etc. Anybody knows what script or software that is selling can does...
  10. husker999

    Autoblogs worth it?

    even you have money for 1000 domain, it doesn't mean it could be done in a day. why don't slowly build 100 per month and you will see if it works.
  11. husker999

    Is bookmarkwiz still work?

    never use bookmarkingwiz before, but both tools should compliment each other since their function don't overlap
  12. husker999

    seolinkrobot ?

    very few software can keep up to their promise with 1 time fee. but of course there are exception.
  13. husker999

    BHW destroyed my career! Help me!!!!

    Just write 5 articles for 4 dollars per day will help you get $20/day
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    Hey! Hello, everybody! greetings from China seo lovers

    HI Chinaboy If i am going to chongqing for a tour....where do you recommend ??? Eg. where to get nice food etc
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    WPRobot & Amazon. Does it works ? check my stats

    Why not make it 1,000,000 blogs and you shall be millionaire.... :D:yeah:
  16. husker999

    WPRobot & Amazon. Does it works ? check my stats

    I tried to use my affiliate link to buy stuff from amazon. All done in the same day but i don't get any sale in my stats.
  17. husker999

    I bet not many people know there is a limit on number of posts they will drip feed to their network per day.
  18. husker999


    Any reason why the demo site tweetgazette . com is not indexed in google?
  19. husker999

    webmagnates vs LFE

    Didn't even know there is such a script called webmagnates. Could you provide a link?