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  1. Asirir88

    The world's lightest blockchain - Mina Portal Airdrop (via Telegram referrals)

    This one is consider to be the lightest blockchain. Just check their website as well. It seems interesting :):) . Exchange- Mainnet about to launch as well White papers;
  2. Asirir88

    Any signal group that can follow for cryptocurrency

    any good crypto signal group that I can follow ? Telegram, fb groups or whatsazpp? how you guys get signals to buy and sell ?
  3. Asirir88

    I have 1000 views per day but how to monetize my site

    I only know google AdSense. Amazon affiliate, propeller ads and, Ezoic Are there any better stuffs to monetize the content along with google AdSense ? My niche is finance
  4. Asirir88

    Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy Plagiarism

    I want to know whether google consider Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy generated content as plagiarism since most of the time the same content is there for most of the blogs. Does this generated content considered as plagiarism ?
  5. Asirir88

    Adsense issue with one computer

    I thought they track the mac address
  6. Asirir88

    Adsense issue with one computer

    I have a site that I am having the Google search console login normally via my computer but the adsense account of that site belongs to my friend (under his name) and I do not login to that AdSense account via my computer . Moreover, I have my own name adsense account which is for another site...
  7. Asirir88

    AMP Effect on a Website

    I have questions regarding the AMP usage on a WP site. I would like to get your insight from your experience and expertise :) 1. Does AMP plugins reduce the overall Monetization revenue compare to normal URL ( I am having Adsense) 2. Are there benefits of having AMP URLs instead of normal once...
  8. Asirir88

    Ebay suspend tracking

    Is there a software we can use to stop, eBay from tracking our records related to a past account suspension ?
  9. Asirir88

    Domain Authority or Domain Rating?

    Google doesn't take any
  10. Asirir88

    Adsense approval effect on Domain Name

    No it is not there words like that. only have some irrevelent words to content Okay thanks for the info.
  11. Asirir88

    Adsense approval effect on Domain Name

    does adsense approval consider domain name? As an example if I put Education niche articles into a domain name like "" will it get the approval ? is it only the content AdSense seeks for ?
  12. Asirir88

    Can ripple touch $1 this year ?

    How can I buy cripple Coin?
  13. Asirir88

    CLS and LCP Optimization for Google SEO

    I am having a WordPress site and it show this issues in google searh console core web vitals How can I fix this? is there a plugin to do this ?
  14. Asirir88

    Quick and easy method for free unique content

    That's something. Thanks for the info Is there a wordpress spinner which is good to do this
  15. Asirir88

    Probably a dumb question. Ranking keywords.

    Just write naturally and use Rank math or Yoast plugin to determine how many times you have repeated the same Keyword
  16. Asirir88

    I want to change my url structure

    but 301 are already placed. so it will be okay, right ?
  17. Asirir88

    I want to change my url structure

    Thanks. I actually have redirected all the posts. Will this have an impact on my ranking ? Thanks mate. Btw will this have an impact on my SEO Thanks mate. Since I am doing the 301 redirection will it have an impact on the traffic ? Thanks mate
  18. Asirir88

    I want to change my url structure

    Currently I have my url structe as; /Catergory/Post name I want to change it for /Post name I have 120+ posts to change. Is there a way I can do the entire bulk? If I do so will it effect my traffic ? how can I change this to the entire site ?