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  1. Roxelana

    Promoting my pornhub videos / own porn site (Help)

    Besides having to go on a brief hiatus (around 3 weeks) nothing changed, I even got a better camera and started making more elaborate videos.
  2. Roxelana

    Promoting my pornhub videos / own porn site (Help)

    Hello people from BHW, I've been around the site for a while mostly reading and learning, now it's my time to look for help. I've been working on the pornhub amateur program for two years, at first when the program was smaller my videos didn't have trouble getting featured and getting more...
  3. Roxelana

    Old lurker new IM enthusiast

    Hi! I've been lurking around BHW around 1 year or so, finding ways, inspiration and reading stories of people that have succedeed in the difficult task of making money online, a dream I remember having since I was a teenager ;) I'm a full time traveler along with my boyfriend and already have...
  4. Roxelana

    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    An infinite thank you to OP, I registered in the forum just to keep track of this thread because I will defenitely try this with some ideas I have. I really hope it will pay off :)