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  1. thatsumarfarooq

    Is there a bot to scrape targeted emails?

    I don't know whether it is a good place to offer service or not. But I can do this for you as I have been doing it for my Upwork client. You can let me know about the number of emails you need and data that you would like to have for each instagram account. Thanks Umar Farooq
  2. thatsumarfarooq

    Ive got 3 pc how to earn money from them ?

    you can run bot on your computer for instagram ,twitter and for many other websites and make money from them...
  3. thatsumarfarooq

    how to show a recorded video in live stream in youtube

    Simply by using OBS Studio
  4. thatsumarfarooq

    [BHW Official] Black Friday & Cyber Monday deals!

    Woooooo Thanks Me looking for this
  5. thatsumarfarooq

    Is there any tool that publish in instagram automatically?

    use mobile version if you want post manually otherwise use Massplanner / Followliker for automation
  6. thatsumarfarooq

    How To Download All Full Sized Images From Google Image Search Without Any Software - 2 Easy Steps o

    Hello Friend, I will show you how easily you can download all full sized images from google image search without any software, although there are software's available out there but they are not for free and you may have to buy them for use, BUT today we are gonna use our own method. So we...
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    Free Custom Bots

    are you still creating bots @broxa ?
  8. thatsumarfarooq

    Looking for Reddit accounts

    i can provide reddit account
  9. thatsumarfarooq

    Reddit Comment Posters Wanted

    i also need one for free
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    Add me too Skype Username: thatsumarfarooq
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    Reddit Upvote Exchange Group NEW!

    Add me too Skype Username: thatsumarfarooq
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    Want to buy reddit aged account with positive karma

    i have a acc with 24k link karma and 101 comment karma
  13. thatsumarfarooq

    [Skype][Active] New Reddit Upvote Group [June 2016]

    thatsumarfarooq you can add me there i have many reddit acc with good karma's
  14. thatsumarfarooq

    want to buy reddit old acc can creat subreddit

    Link Karma : 24782 Comment Karma : 101 1 month aged you can create a subreddit