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    Complete YouTube Redesign (Cosmic Panda)

    For those who say you can't change it back. Go back to and press "older version" It will change everything back.
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    10,000 guaranteed human visitors for $4.50!

    Can you please PM me please. I have already PM'd you with no luck yet. I would love to use your service.
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    List of working youtube view increasers

    ytbot sucks in my experience. Give you about 500 views in total and then you have to resubmit to only get about half of what you got originally. IncreaseYouTubeViews works fantastic and have used his service more than one. :D Jumpstart still works and works great as well, I have also used...
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    YouTube video responses not showing

    I have a video that people keep trying to respond too. I click reject and the video never gets sown. This might be why. (but the with the owner of the video you are responding to.
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    how is yt counting views

    Believe me, if it were that easy, even *I* would be a millionaire from selling youtube views/dominating youtube.
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    Youtube + Sharecash = Money?

    LOL aint that the truth. It's because they make money, so they don't care. Plain and simple for them.
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    My post count never increases- can someone tell me why?

    Now maybe I don't agree with your attitude towards things but to whoever said "Who cares about post count?" That a pretty dumb question. Just yesterday someone was complaining he was scammed. Everyone told him that he was the dumb one because the guy that scammed him had a low post count. That...
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    Cheap Youtube Services *Subscribers & Ratings*

    I received some for free as part of your Christmas special and loved it! I think I will go ahead and buy some. I bought 400 for real cheap but let's face it, it showed that I got them for cheap. So now I plan to use your service to balance out my subscribers. A+ job you did. Posted via Mobile Device
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    Youtube + Sharecash = Money?

    Sorry, double post. [DELETE]
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    Tube Bot, Jumpstart Alternative?

    HaxTuTorial is the site owner guys. How have you guys not seen this? Every time someone says something on this site, the site for the software somehow magically changes. A couple of weeks ago I shared the link that was on the website that hosted all of the files. And after HaxTuTorial posted in...
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    Youtube + Sharecash = Money?

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    Are filehosting links allowed on YouTube?

    I have a sharecash link in mine and no ban has been seen on my acccount/s.
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    Youtube + Sharecash = Money?

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    THUMBS UP! Leap Frog Over a Video's Highest Rated Comment on Youtube.

    hmm, whenever I do it they always get up there. i have a 100% completely verified account though. Might this be a reason? The longest it has ever taken for me was 1 day. And it only stayed there for a week. It got replaced by a comment with less thumbs up ?:( Has anyone noticed this? How a...
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    Youtube + Sharecash = Money?

    I don't see a reason to not use ShareCash. When no CPA or CB would accept me, I went with ShareCash. Made $40 my first month. I am in a pretty big niche though.
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    Those crazy Nigerians....

    Yeah, it was specifically geared toward me. Included links to the real Ebay, had my username, my real name, and had everything. The only thing it was missing was the footer. It had said that the payment had been confirmed. So I was suspicious when I didn't see anything when I logged into ebay.
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    Those crazy Nigerians....

    I was trying to legitamitly sell my xbox and these scammers try to rob me! I listed it on Ebay and on Craigslist. I got a call from someone who saw my Craigslist ad, and I was willing to pay me 270. So I go check my Ebay auction and it had sold for $300. So I had to refuse the guy i was talking...
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    THUMBS UP! Leap Frog Over a Video's Highest Rated Comment on Youtube.

    If you go to "View all comments" You can rate up a comment an unlimited amount of times. It's what I do. :)
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    What is YOUR Click Through Rate for your YouTube Videos???

    I made $40 off of Sharecash last month after getting 19,000 views. Wasn't the entertainment niche, and was really surprising considering what I was offering. Some of that was sign-ups but alot of them were downloads
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    Happy Birthday Internet Marketing!

    Always good to read encouraging posts like these! I am new to the game, going on about 3monts now and I am making a good 10$ a week. This was a test and now its going to get kicked into high gear! Should see double, triple, or maybe even quadrupled earnings. I wish everyone the best of luck...