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    SEO + High CPC of wordpress PhotoBlog how?

    You NEED to have text for your images for pulling in traffic, write keyword rich descriptions for the images. Also be sure to have ALT and TITLE tags for every image and an image title (untitled images are a big NO!). hope this helps.
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    what method you use to index your backlinks

    I personally use forum posting (craigslist is a good one) and social book marking . Another handy method is to find sites with high PR using SEO Quake and get backlinks from those sites. I have heard and are good bookmarking services, never tries them though.
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    [Q] HOw to index EDU backlinks??

    Forum posting is by far one of the best and fastest methods as forum posts are indexed quickly and the links on the page are registered as backlinks. You could also consider using other options like backlinking sites similar to digg, social bookmarking, RSS aggregators, press releases etc.
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    SEO Beginner - Please advise

    First and foremost install google toolbar for finding out the PR of your competitor sites. And then comes the two most essential things, good quality (and unique) content with the right amount of keywords and backlinks. Last but not least be patient :-)
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    How much to edit to improve SEO?

    I would suggest you to mainly concentrate on the content of the article and the title. Next comes the meta tag, try keeping it below 150 characters also adding footer links to every page may also help a great deal to improve the page ranking. Also remember to maintain a fairly low keyword...
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    Xrumer or Scrapebox blasts

    Thanks anyway, that's why I said a small blast like 1000-5000 links or something
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    Xrumer or Scrapebox blasts

    Looking for someone who will blast some of my links in exchange for a run through AMR doesn't have to be a huge blast
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    [JV] What can you offer?

    MOD: Couldn't find anything about this in forum rules so I think its ok, but please delete if it is against the rules. Also if you need to move it to the Affiliate section that's fine, to me its more of a JV that's why I put it here. I'm about to launch a new site of mine and in doing so I will...
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    [JV] Fiverr JV (Recurring income opportunity)

    This month I made just over $250. Would be happy to hear concept.
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    Happy Halloween

    Dupe Post
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    Happy Halloween

    Haha, I had to change it back to black and gold, the fireworks were what got me! Nice touch though.
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    Content generation tool

    Just downloaded and ran for the first time, and I am not exactly sure what to do with the txt files that it gives me as they are not in complete format i.e they are spin ready. How do I make these into readable articles? Thanks in advance (great share as well btw)
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    My Forum Journey. Follow me and i will give you my feedback/Results!

    subscribed. Should be good. I like the format of updating OP instead of adding more and more posts which could get lost in comments like these. Good Luck
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    Saw a Great Method Used Today

    Yeah, just crunched some numbers. Lets say, ranking #1 for 5k keyword = probably around 3k UV's a month Say around $0.20 per person with a 10% conversion rate = $60 Probs won't try it I guess unless I get really bored lol
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    Saw a Great Method Used Today

    Yeah, seems like it could do well despite what people are saying. found a .info with 5,000 uniques good keyword domain and low competition for front page of goodle. Might buy it and give it a SB blast or something and see how it turns out. worst thing that could happen is I lose a buck on...
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    [WTF] Fiverr sucks?

    Finding/writing the right gig is key. I've currently only recieved orders from about 10gigs out of 30 i have put up. 2 of those 10 i get daily orders and takes me about 30seconds to complete each order. Its just a numbers game i guess.
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    I love American Politics because of Guys Like This

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    VirusTotal down?

    Just wondering if its just me for some screwed up reason, but is virus total working for you guys? Thanks
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    Question: Whether to Share or not to Share Autoblog Samurai?

    How do you know this? (not meaning to sound condescending) I'd be surprised if people used their BHW Alias on a normal product.
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    I got 1.2 Million USD Today!!!

    I got one like this. Instead though, the person who was working at the multi-million dollar company asked me to ********** their gmail account. So this guy is at least 1 step up.