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    Adsense account disabled for navigation will i still get paid?

    your lucky they didnt kick you out, remove what violates TOS and take it as a warning.
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    Anyone experiencing problem with traffic travis?

    I just tested and it is not working here also..
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    Do Blog Networks Still Work? Here's a Simple Answer.. Actually 2..

    +1 posts --> Dead?? ..if you think that then please continue with your madness.
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    Guaranteed High PR Directory Links For Lifetime Starting From $10.00

    My Review: I got my report today and i checked and everything seems really good ..i will wait and see what will happens in serps but as far as the service and reports goes it is really good. And it is very cheap also.. i will probably order again.
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    [TUTORIAL] Methods To Spot Fake PR - A Lot Of PR 7, 8, 9, 10 Inside!!!

    I see PR8 and PR9 being offered for under 1000 bucks at DP and if the Pagerank was legit it would cost 10 times that. If you see a domain that is offered for a low amount than it is almost every time fake.
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    is multiupload down?

    Down here to...:( :( :( i miss it already
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    $1.99 domain

    whois or not ..just buy its very cheap..1.99 :) very good
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    StrongerAds - Now Accepting New Affiliates!

    I am member on this cpa network and i cant find the training you are talking about..i only can find forum.
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    I have Peerfly-LeadBolt | WANT SOMEONE TO MONETIZE THEM 70% PROFIT

    I know how you feel... but trust me if you just read a little bit on this forum and try some methods you will make it.. remember that nobody will feed you with the information, its not that easy, if you want to make some real money and success than you need to start working and reading like...
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    Need your opinion guys--- is this keyword competative?

    For me this keyword is between medium and difficult.. its not super competitive and not easy..but if you know what you are doing then go for it.. but i hope you know your seo beacuse if you dont you will be losing alot of money before you rank..this is not some easy keyword.
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    [case study] 368K exact searches KW. Hoping to rank to #1.

    I would advise you to use some .edu/gov service and push some authority on the site. Also wiki links can be very useful when site is dancing. i don't think you have got a penalty but it cant be ruled out, i haven't checked exactly your backlinking efforts but as i said use some .edu and other...
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    Holy Crap!! Yahoo Site Explorer Shutting Down Today

    Yahoo is going downhill for a looong time and this is another step in the process...i wonder if that company is around in a couple years...they are removing everything that made them good... i dont think something like site explorer will come again..simply beacuse it is an big project and it...
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    Been Affected By The Most Recent Panda Update? - 11/16

    to some people everything is panda nowdays..even if they have low quality site and low quality backlinks...
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    I Rank #3 on Google For "Watch Anime Online"

    You are #2 for "watch anime online" and #11 on "watch anime" You are very close and if i where in your place i would do anything to push it to 1 place. sad that you are 11 for watch anime because i think there more traffic there. I would probably push the site to 1 place and place the cpa...
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    18000 searches per month, true and enough?

    its hard to say how much you will get but if EMD is available and you have time and know how to do proper seo you can go for it. 18k is alot and probably there are some decent traffic there.
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    My Success Story - $5K+ in 6 Months

    My advice to you is that you instead of making 50 sites go down to let say 10 and make 10-15 really good and authority sites ...times are changing and if you want to do 50 small thin affiliate sites then go for it but dont be shocked when come next panda they are gone. i have a couple of sites...
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    Traffic Travis not showing Backlinks on SEO Analysis

    Sometimes this happends to me also but sometimes its okey..very strange
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    RankChecker gives wrong results!

    I can give you 2 tools i use :) First is Rankerizer: its an free rank checker. Second is: Free monitor for google i use this 2 to check my rankings. hope you find them good..before i used market...
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    Invite Trade Thread

    I have: TL want: SCC or any other top tracker.