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    Site Cloning

    You will find a lot of info in this forum on that topic. Just do a search. I clone a lot of sites and I use a plugin that wipes out all the posts, tags, etc.. and I can start new which cuts down on a lot of time. As long as I have all the content I can get a site up and starting to promote it in...
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    Clickbank Journey - Bum marketing!

    I do a lot of article marketing and I get good results. I submit them to the major article directories and then use other tool's to up the views on the articles which create's a lot of traffic to my sites.
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    16 year old girl makes $405,179.29 in just 45 days!

    This girl is so annoying! I am surprised people stay on the sale's page where they are able to make sales.
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    Does all ClickBank high earning affiliates are fake ?

    There is a small % who are making a killing on ClickBank and most use their screenshots from their own product launches.
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    What is the best for CB Promote - Squeeze page or Autoblog?

    You have to find what works for you. I would be doing both. Don't be dependent on 1 method.
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    Promoting clickbank products

    It depends if your doing all the work yourself. If you can outsource some of the task's I would be doing a few at the time.
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    Clickbank problem

    Why don't you just make your own video. Try using camtasia and talking about the product as your doing a review. Its much more effective then just posting a video from the sales page.
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    How to decide the best ClickBank products to sell?

    Google "CBengine" its a good site that gives you a good breakdown on what products that are hot and not
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    CB Site Popularity

    Don't worry about the views just get some related products and start driving traffic to your site.
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    Made my first clickbank sale!!

    Congrats now just keep pushing! Find new niches and learn from your success and mistakes.
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    Need a Catchy Name for my New Ebook..

    Twitter Mayham
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    What do you do?

    Coach baseball in the spring and do do IM marketing full time
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    What is your height, weight, and IQ?

    5-8 160 - P90X! Bring It! IQ is smart enough to make $$ online :)
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    Penny Stocks Psychic [2010 MEGABLOCKBUSTER LAUNCH]

    I promote a lot of ClickBank products. Looking forward to this one.
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    Wow! Lebron and D-Wade...

    Lebron went to bed as a young Jordan last night and woke up as Scottie Pippin this morning.
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    I got approved right away as soon as I sent them my ID. I believe it was 5 minutes later. Chatted with someone on skype and that was it.
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    PPC vs CPV

    Media Traffic is good but you should see better results with Traffic Vance. If making LPs is not your thing try to outsource it and while they are making them for you work on researching and building more campaigns and keep on testing!
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    Good Site make sure you check out also
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    Help!!! Cpa

    Give them a call their contact info is on the site