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    Xvideos - How to avoid copyright strikes/deletes?

    xvideos is so weak to pornhub. pornhub claim they have exclusive rights on all the videos uploaded to their website (even the uploader is also stealing videos from other places) lots of fake claims
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    Question about Xvideos

    I kown, but this is extra income, I guess this is also good for video ranking.
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    Question about Xvideos

    NO, it is content partner, we can get revshare from xvideos, they updated their page see this
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    Question about Xvideos

    Is there anyone a content partner of Xvideos? We can be paid for our uploads, looks good.
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    Xvideos upgraded their spam filter - Is porn reupload dead?

    It's so difficult to bypass their spam filter, all my accounts got deleted after 10 days without any strikes.
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    Some positive results on chaturbate

    Good job, bro Did you try the xvideos content partner program? This may bring you extra money
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    Xvideos always delete my “girl” accounts why?

    Watermark is the problem, I also have the same issue, I upload videos from different accounts with different style of watermark and still get banned, I guess my domain is in their blacklist, also, do not use bot to upload, they will know, they will delete your account even you do not have watermark.
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    cannot upload a video on xvideos

    yep, but every video will take forever to upload.... if you are using chrome, on your bottom left there is a upload percentage. just wait and see, maybe tomorrow they will fix this.
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    cannot upload a video on xvideos

    Actually, you can upload, but this is very slow... must be the problem of their server side, just wait