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    How to use CL and not get in trouble from CPA networks!

    Why do you not do a 5 second refresh on your transition page. I'm sure that would up your opt in rate. Just use a meta refresh
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    Do not join ClickBank?

    I would use only cheap or free traffic. Very buggy system
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    Clickbank Site Down

    Hopefully they can sort out all of their problems while they are down and make a fresh start for the new year
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    What has happened to My Clickbank Sales?

    Strange, but I did get a couple of hundred dollars yesterday from clickbank, but I am always at odd with their stats as I track everything.
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    Twitter FriendAdder 2.1.1 - Get thousands Of HUMANS To your websites everyday!

    With a comment like that who can refuse. I will buy a copy. PM sent
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    10 Slots Now Available For 1 on 1 Coaching and Mentoring Students

    I'm interested in this. Any links available?
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    ADWORD post paid accounts.

    Pm'd you, very interested in getting some accounts
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    Another Google Trends technique

    This is a very interesting idea, Will look into it Cheers
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    Landing Page Review Site + Keyword research

    Hi Taz, I have a few projects in mind that could use your skills. Could you please send me samples please. Cheers
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    War is coming.....

    That is one cool video. Thanks for the share
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    Blackhat Programming Class

    I would recommend VM [email protected] It will enable you to run a windows OS within a virtual session and you will be able to run your applications through a virtual network adapter so they can get to work for you. You can find pre built sessions around the net utilizing various OS's. Cheers
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    Hey BHW

    Hello all, Glad to have found this great forum, is seems like there is lots of good information around and helpful members to help a n00be out. I'm just getting started in the Affiliate marketing and think that it will be fun once I stop reading and start doing. Peace