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    Newbidder Tracking

    Just getting started with newbidder and main reason I selected over other popular programs is because it integrates with mobidea network which has a lot of great offers. If you're using newbidder now, would enjoy hearing how it's working for you!
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    [NEW] WikiRobot The Best Wiki Solution Out There! 5-Day FREE Trial 10$ OFF

    I've asked for a refund. It's been nearly a week and still haven't gotten it. I sent my request to [email protected] and all I get is a lame reply from the developer making an excuse. Do you honor your refund policy?
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    Interspire Email Marketer

    I'm using Interspire Email Marketer to send email on behalf of clients. I use the MTA feature so it's rotating ip's when sending email. I've checked my ip's and none are blacklisted. My primary concern is that email is being delivered but it's going to the spam folder. I check my messages...
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    [WOW] VIDEO MARKEING ROBOT VERSION 2 --- 1 year Old and now with MEGA BIG Video Sites!

    Have any of your users mentioned using your software for building video citations for local SEO? Basically, it's a video posted with the citation (keyword, business address, phone) in the description box.
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    [Journey] Finally made it to $100 a day with FB

    thanks for starting this thread. i appreciate your willingness to share some pretty deep insights. learning alot have you considered testing PLR? you set up a PLR site with its own product maybe around the topic of dating, weightloss, etc. and try converting. since you control the PLR site and...
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    Google Place case study in real time

    go to and order local business listings. at least do the miminum package of 35 although if you can do 100 it's recommended. they'll create a lot of citations, including the big review sites you need right now.
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    Twitter & CPA

    i found out the CPABeyond has many offers that allow twitter traffic
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    What industries would be the best for an SEO company to target?

    Its hit or miss. Using the "survey" approach will save you the most time and effort spotting which industries will open their wallet.
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    [Method] Get Slideshare Views Very Fast

    nice job...are you getting conversions off your youtube for your forex offer?
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    Twitter & CPA

    thanks for the insight. your advice about clickbank is very true. i didn't even consider using twitter replies as a way to generate the traffic so i may try it. thanks for the xtra tips. i've been pushing twitter traffic to juicyads and making a couple bucks daily. i'm testing chaturbate...
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    Twitter & CPA

    Has anyone used Twitter to push traffic to a CPA offer (zip/email submit)? I've tested pushing twitter traffic to Clickbank and WF WSO's but not having much success...curious if it's possible to promote CPA where it might be easier for getting some results.
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    13 year old .com recently de-indexed...Still worth anything..?

    Thanks for sharing your experience. I have a similar problem but procrastinated about requesting a reconsideration. After reading your thread I submitted my request so hopefully I'll hear similar good news.
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    *** Video Marketing Robot *** The Ultimate Video Marketing Submission Software

    Question: Will I be able to add a description when uploading videos? I want to use it to pole vault Google Places rankings for my clients but need to put the citation in the description box along with a many of the 100 video sites will permit it?
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    Domain registrar with free privacy?

    check out Name should be able to get first year free on privacy. i saw that godaddy recently reduce pricing on privacy but it may be dependent on how many domains you already own with them.
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    Jewelry Website business help

    if you elaborate on your question and share a few more details you could get more specific answers. If you're in the USA, you'll need some business license and it depends on the state & city where you live. I pay $50 annually for my business license so its not necessarily an exhorbant amount of...
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    Nuclear Link Blaster - any reviews of this?

    I've used NLB and found it to be what it creates thousands of forum profiles in a few hours. Trouble is getting the profiles to stick, which isn't the fault of the software. You do go through a lot of captchas and if a captcha service is running slow you can burn up a lot. One...
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    Does anybody sell Google Places Reviews

    Have you considered LBLRobot ? They recently made an upgrade so reviews are posted to the same local as the business. I only have accounts across the pond so I'm not absolutely certain about AU.
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    Bought aged domain, backlinks are adult. What will Google think?

    I did an experiment with one of my sites where I added hundreds of adult, XXX backlinks and it didn't it hurt, in fact, it only pushed the site up (and it's a non-adult site)....a backlink is a backlink....otherwise, everyone would be slaughtering their competitors by pushing these so-called...
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    SEO For E-Commerce Sites

    I have a couple ecommerce sites. My biggest frustration is the pathetic shopping carts. Currently using CRELoaded and CS-Cart, both have their ups and downs. I want to set up more sites but would like to find a better shopping cart. My preference is Wordpress, but it's not really built for...
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    WPSynIT-BETA - Free Auto Backlinks for Wordpress

    I received the plugin within 30 minutes of requesting it. Installation was a cinch, but I was unsure how it posted because there are several options; automatic, semi and manual. I went ahead and posted some articles in automatic mode, which means you basically post to your blog like you...