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    [GIVEAWAY] 200+ Expired Tumblr's PA 25 to 35

    Could I get some? Thanks!
  2. R | SMM Panel | Advanced Dripfeed Option | Non-Drop Youtube Views | HQ Instagram Followers | 200+ SMM Services

    Thanks for setting me up with the reseller rates and review copy! I'm so impressed at the prices and variety of services on offer, I've decided to add extra money on top of the review copy bonus! Have just put my FB likes order through now :)
  3. R | SMM Panel | Advanced Dripfeed Option | Non-Drop Youtube Views | HQ Instagram Followers | 200+ SMM Services

    Could you please set me to reseller rate / review User: ramage Thx!
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    PennyPanel - 4000+ Reviews | 600+ Exclusive SMM Services | Rock Bottom Prices

    Have registered! Looking forward :)
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    Keyword Packets - limited subscription service

    Is there a reason why you haven't replied to my last 3 PM's regarding my private EMD keyword account? Thanks
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    JV Offer You Invest Little Money I Guarantee Results

    I saw him on Skype today 2 hours ago, no reply.
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    JV Offer You Invest Little Money I Guarantee Results

    Just sent my $300. Let's see how this goes :)
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    [GIVEAWAY] 100 YT-accounts

    Could I have two please? :D
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    If you still have accounts available let me know :) Thanks given.
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    Premium Quality Articles - Review Copies For Everyone

    Just paid, will give a review when I receive my articles.
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    <<<<<Angelas And Pauls HIGH PR Backlinks Service Using Custom List>>>>>>

    Just ordered the 125 link package, will see how it goes :)
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    Popular place to sell eBooks other than DP?

    Why not try using the method you're selling yourself? If it actually works as you say, then you can easily get your start up funds in no time.
  13. R Best [email protected] price! Guaranteed!

    Ordered two packages, delivered as promised. Received more than the 150 and very impressed. Ordering a few more soon :)
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    Article Writing/Rewriting and Submission to Article Directories Services:::$0.50/100 words

    Order placed Transaction ID: 1ND99062YN9949744
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    Easy Money From Movie Sites (Part 1 : Spoonfeed Series)

    Nice thread, along with Gateways, there are also some nice offers you can link to below the video. CJ has an offer called Graboid which did very well when I still did this method. Also a quick reminder to not use Adscend Media's gateway as they now disallow such content.
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    Sites like Sharecash?

    You can probably make your own using Adult Access Now or something (same company as CPA Lead). On a side note, SC is still running? I recall getting an email from Adscend saying they don't allow copyright content.
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    Simply, Change Your Sales PAGE tactic.

    The thing is to you, a marketer, you'd obviously know all these tips and tricks. But your target market aren't seasoned marketers but average, computer-illiterate people. And mind you, these types of salespages still work even in IM niches, otherwise the "gurus" would have stopped ages ago if...
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    Getting my ebook published physically?

    You can try Amazons print on demand service,
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    One Macrosite vs. Many Microsites?

    Thanks for all your comments, I appreciate them all. I'd probably do a bit of both since the thing I love about Macrosites is the instant authority to your new pages as opposed to the days if not weeks you must wait for your Microsites. But the talk about all the income in one basket is very...