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    1 Week, $10k ! Let's share some brilliant Ideas from the gifted users of BHW!

    Elon Musk is just a very rich egocentric person who manipulates cryptocurrencies to earn more money. He is no role model for anything, since he kicked out the previous board of Tesla and is in little to no way associated with the actual research and technology. He has the understanding of it...
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    News / Movies site a good idea?

    Hello, My current plan is to launch a news site or a movie streaming website, then using SEO to promote it. For monetization, I plan on using ads, since they are usually reliable passive income. I want to spend some time setting it up but I don't have time every day to manage these income...
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    37 American states sue Google

    I hope they win, Google domination on the market is becoming quite annoying not to mention all the data collecting and privacy intruding Google does.
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    What Exactly is a Web design? How can i complete a webdesign project ?

    Graphics Designer = Adobe Photoshop, CorelDraw, Gimp, Adobe Illustrator... NO CODING KNOWLEDGE. Web Designer = Adobe Xd, Figma... NO CODING KNOWLEDGE. Front-End Web Developer = Translating designer files (images) into actual code, HAS CODING KNOWLEDGE. What's causing you confusion is that...
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    Convincing Facebook team regarding a bug being valid

    Maybe your grammar or explanation was phrased poorly, perhaps get someone to write it out for you in a grammatically and semantically correct way or just rephrase it yourself.
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    Why can’t I start a conversation?

    Ah, I thought it was 10 posts but it was actually 15. Probably a good feature to combat spam.
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    what do you think about this token ?

    Their website is an edited template. Their token has no real use. There is not much information. Promoted by a 4k views YouTuber. Likely a scamcoin, rugpull.
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    How to get notified everytime a influencer post on their instagram so I can spam the shit out of it ?

    Make your own script to run on a server that will check every 30 seconds the count of posts and just notify you once the person made a new post. Or hire someone to make you the script.
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    Help needed - Name for new web security agency

    Few names I thought of, mostly very niche but with proper branding they could work: WeSecure Safe Safely ITSec PreventHax Guardify Anti-PwN FirewallEXE WebSafe Agency Web Repair Agency SecFix Agency Code0 Agency on2Web Agency Anti-Malware Team (AMT) ByteSecurity ServerSavers Random...
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    From $1k to $10.000 monthly passive income - L.R.T.B. method!

    You say passive income but reading thru the thread, it seems like there's a lot of work associated? A bit of a stupid question, but I'm a beginner so I'm rather confused. Also, how many sites are you using to make 7k$ per month? What's your monetization method?
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    Would it be possible to change nickname?

    Thanks for a quick response, guess I'll be upgrading to Jr. VIP as soon as I get to 100 posts.
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    Would it be possible to change nickname?

    Hello, As you can clearly tell, the 2014 me used to be a L33T 1337 0M3G4 H4XXX0R $. The 2021 me is not amused. Anyhow, can the nickname be changed in any way?
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    ✈️ Scaling up to $20,000 month using free traffic | ⛔ Passive income on autopilot

    Heh, I'm merely a beginner, I've read a lot but did not take much action myself and don't really understand a lot. My knowledge of building websited and copywriting was good but I've always just been entirely terrible at getting traffic to my websites. I've just came back to this community a few...
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    ✈️ Scaling up to $20,000 month using free traffic | ⛔ Passive income on autopilot

    Hmm, I am a web developer by career so just thinking about this script of yours heh, excuse the banter. Anyways, you have a pretty interesting journey here. I have some ideas, probably some you're already aware of and probably explored them to a greater degree than I did so I don't think they...
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    ✈️ Scaling up to $20,000 month using free traffic | ⛔ Passive income on autopilot

    I see, that's quite the speed. Would you ever consider selling this script of yours? I suppose it works on Selenium, Python.
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    Hello - 7 years

    Well, being greedy is bad but realistically, I've done the entire thing in a very messy and disorganized way. If I did everything correctly, there could have been an extra zero at the end. But it was a learning experience, nonetheless.
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    ✈️ Scaling up to $20,000 month using free traffic | ⛔ Passive income on autopilot

    Hello, I'm thinking of something else, I wonder how many YouTube accounts could you create with your scripts? Would you be able to create around 50 000+?
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    Hello - 7 years

    Nah, my real job that I do in real life is entirely unrelated to SEO and online monetization. I just work as a web developer and make websites and scripts for the company. My only successful SEO endeavour was YouTube comment ranking, where I earned about $400 in two weeks.
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    Hello - 7 years

    Yeah, I will probably make and operate a movie watching website.
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    Movie scripts?

    Hello, I'm looking for a script that would automatically upload new movies / tv shows to website. I heard someone mention BHW Marketplace has some but I googled and searched around yet I couldn't find one. Can someone help me? Please and thank you :x