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    Who is using SearchTerms Tagging 2?

    I think it is a risk using plugins like these, one of my website is de-indexed few days ago when I removed the widget of the plugin from the sidebar. I was having over 3000 indexed pages and many search terms are ranking no.1, it's great for a while but not anymore as it is de-indexed from...
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    How can I build serious backlinks?

    Ahh... this is one of the common issues people face with building backlinks. Generally any link from a decent site can be considered a good link no matter it is follow or nofollow, which ever way you look at it. Search engines like google likes to look upon highly on websites that does link...
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    How to rank first page on low competition keyword?

    Hi, One thing to note about getting backlinks is that you don't need many, if you are able to find a few quality ones. A few quality links and good onpage optimization will go a long way. If the keyword that you are targeting is currently very high in competition why not find a longer tail...
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    1,300 visits-no Sales What am I doing wrong?

    Hi, I think for stop smoking kits is going be typically hard to sell using a blog, if you want to promote stop smoking kits consider creating a page where you can gather their contact information by offering some sort of incentive, make that page simple. If you have seen any of the CPA offers...
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    Millions of free article scripts please read!

    Hey! You guys are genius :)
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    any INTERNATIONAL adult offers?

    Looks interesting there! Btw... your name seems awfully familiar...
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    best social bookmarking solution i.e. bookmarking demon

    Hi there, I would say it is more like a cat and mouse chase, as the social engines are changing all the time, mass posting software may work for a while but they get buggy very quickly... You can visit to submit for free. ;) there are also several plugin for twitter that...