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    Im really getting tired of "woke" business people

    Just wait a couple of weeks and then 9900 Rubles per course won't seem like that much anymore :p
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    Buying cheap back links from fiverr

    They are trash, don't go lower than $1 per link.
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    python noob help

    Read the official tutorial: Covers everything and only about 3 days work
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    The Black SEO result after 3 months of Programer

    Subdirectory, 2 letter character code. e.g.
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    The Black SEO result after 3 months of Programer

    Care, don't point GSA at your English money site directly. Google doesn't do the same checks for non-english sites, which is why it's working here.
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    I updated Black Hat World Wikipedia page

    Remember to add a link to your money site or tier 1 site on the wikipedia article as an example of Spamdexing.
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    The Black SEO result after 3 months of Programer

    Well I've been looking at my niche and one site gets 2 million per month compared to my 10k per month. Similar link profile. Their secret is they have the site translated into every language under the sun.
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    Should I move to India?

    I got a company paid trip to New Delhi. Yeah it occurred to me on the way there, well if everything is going to be so cheap perhaps I could retire here? I don't hold that view now :p First thing to be aware of is that the local food will give you food poisoning. Even from 4 star restaurants...
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    Edu Monster- Trusted by DA90 TF80 DR80 – 5 Edu Guest Posts For Only $149

    Review: Got 6 Edulinks (ordered 5). Good handwritten posts snuck on to random university websites. DR 93, 71, 57, 90, 64, 66