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    Pfizer twice-a-day COVID pill

    Yeah but vitamins sounds natural and I've done my research as an honorary Covid expert from the school of Rogan. Look at him, he only threw the kitchen sink of treatments at Covid once he caught it, no biggie. Worst case scenario, I die* from a highly preventable disease with treatments and...
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    CPA still works

    How many hours do you spend working online and how long did it take to build up to that? Do you have other online income sources too or only these two?
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    Youtube CPA Journey To $70/Day!(Already Earning)

    Am I missing something? You made about $370 profit in over 8 months. What's the appeal here, have you put in only 10 hours of work or something? Or are you trying to figure out a "formula" with which it'll be easy to scale up? Or is $50 a month a lot for you? I'm genuinely curious, so don't...
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    Journey - Making Bank w/ Reddit Accounts

    Once you have the reddit accounts ready, which way do you promote the product? Do you bait and try to get people to PM you that are interested or link your website in posts? Also, what is the karma needed for?
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    Affiliate seo, client seo, vs adsense?

    affiliate seo. the product, upsells etc. is already set up, so there's less hassle.
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    Affiliate websites doesn't rank anymore, true or false?

    Is it no longer a good idea to get into making gambling niche websites? Or is there still good money in there if you drive traffic through other sources?
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    Old posts lost/no longer visible?

    example blackhatworld dot com/seo/how-long-did-you-not-make-any-money.654922/page-3 1st post on that page is lost.
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    Old posts lost/no longer visible?

    I have read some old threads from 2014 and before and a recurrent theme is some posts are completely blank? Just check any thread from 2014(maybe later) or before that have enough posts and you see this problem. Is this something that can be fixed? Thanks.
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    [Method] Earning $100-$200 a week flipping videogame items

    Hey can you send me a pm for more sellers please. really interested. Thanks :))
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    Need Help on Spaming with a Router ?

    Can you not do that on your own pc?
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    Need Help on Spaming with a Router ?

    What's the VPS for in this case? (sorry if it's a noob question)
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    trying out meathead's method need some clarity

    I still don't know if getting a ban on any websites would lead to your home IP being banned forever. This is what somebody had to say in the Meathead method thread: I'll be using proxies so I can do Disqus commenting (and try BTB's method).
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    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    Thanks for the reply. I guess I'll be using proxies for Disqus commenting and maybe try mixing in some of BassTrackerBoats' FB method (multiple FB accounts).
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    trying out meathead's method need some clarity

    Sorry for the late bump but I have the same question, and seeing as this thread hasn't been answered I thought it could use some closure. :o So, are proxies necessary for this method? Would not using proxies bring the risk of getting your home IP address banned? Thanks. P.S. If I find the...
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    Flippa, get your shit together

    From the looks of this thread, it seems that Flippa is a scammer's paradise. But has anybody here had any good experiences with buying from Flippa? It seems to me that since a lot of listings are scams, it's hard to find legitimate sites, so most people here might avoid it. But if somebody...
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    450k sessions/month but 25% YoY decline. Should I buy?

    OP said in post #3 5% of traffic is from searches, they didn't say google searches though.
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    Those who change when they figure out you make $$$ online

    Their = possessive. They're = they are.
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    Easy $100 A Day - Perfect For Noobs

    I have a question, and thanks in advance to anyone who answers. Is it necessary to use proxies? For example if I don't use a proxy, and get banned on a forum or website, will my real IP address get blacklisted? I wouldn't like my real IP to get banned from commenting on certain websites. I've...