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    PPC for Casino

    Tier 2 Search Engines are very poor in terms of gaming conversions. Try searching for related keywords in any geography you are targeting, you will see several ads around
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    I need to run adword account suspended! someone could offer their services?

    Cloaking in BH PPC is a choice. If you want to engage G. Its on you. Some would prefer not to. It depends on the niche, again, and frankly, how well you know it. Instead of stuffing all your winning keywords in one account. You can have one keyword per account and focus on a surrogate ad copy...
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    [Explanations]Common Suspension Messages (Adwords Only)

    Is that a new account you are dealing with? Usually, that happens when you are working on a new account and trying to add too many 'flagged' keywords at once.
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    I need to run adword account suspended! someone could offer their services?

    Did you try to investigate why did you get banned in first place? Simply getting a new account will not resolve the issue. When I was going through the other threads, I found that most Adw0rd5 Experts around here suggest that cloaking is THE ultimate solution to each account suspension. Well, I...
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    T-Shirts and Copyright

    Are you planning to use that in your Ad copy? It will go under review. (Reason : trademarked term). Next, you can ask for exception. They will manually review your website. If it looks like a legit shop that is only offering T-shirts. There are good chances they might allow you to run ads.
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    PPC for Casino

    What region are you targeting? Drop me more details if interested in running a campaign
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    adwords... 4th account now suspended.... WHAT!?

    Yep, they have been reviewing accounts very diligently now. We are also facing similar issues but guess you gotta keep getting the replacement accounts up. Did you try contacting them? What keywords are you using? Most reviews are triggered at a keyword level, itself!
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    ppc question

    Depends what are the keywords. If you are working with extremely niche keywords, you can expect less reviews. I'd recommend a quick lightweight site that talks about related information. Try having that article hosted in one of the inner pages. If you are thinking of using an article...
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    black hat method for adwords ?

    Use surrogate style text copy & you should be live for a while. However, eventually they will axe your account. Especially, pre-festive season - ads are screened more vigilantly before they let you go live. So using terms like 'iPhnoe5' etc might keep you afloat if you are using an account which...
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    Mirroring and iFraming Violation

    I think contact support and let them know about the situation. Found this link for mirroring specific requests :- also, you might want to check the action point of...
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    Need an Adwords Guy to get me back on Adwords. It's suspended!

    What was the content of the email they sent during ban? Which policy did they site? Also, what niche are you working in?
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    Google Enhanced (Adwords Update)?

    Like everyone said - lack of device targeting is ridiculous. By the way - Google is still asking for suggestions on Enhanced campaigns -
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    Web Designers Needed

    Found someone. Closed now. Thank you.
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    Web Designers Needed

    Looking for a web designer that has very excellent "attention to details". Need a quick Homepage PSD done.
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    Is Adwords Dead For Affiliate Marketing?

    Your CPC also depends on account health. Number of infarctions, warnings, disapprovals also determine quality score. Difference in Estimated CPC and actual CPC could be an initial thing only which often happens with nascent campaigns.
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    Phrase Match Question

    Sure it would show. However, the best way of structuring IMO is to have the MOST successful keywords (once identified) as exact match in small ad groups.
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    Is Adwords Dead For Affiliate Marketing?

    Affiliates have always been discouraged On Adwords. Theres nothing new about it. CPC has never been constant. It varies with instant competition. If you are observing your campaign granually you will see CPCs during certain rush months going upward. One can leash the CPC by continuously...
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    New accounts keep getting under review instantly

    Something is linking you to each new account you are creating. Identify it. Fix it. It could be Chrome or some random toolbar that is pinging Big G's servers. More importantly, what got you banned in first place? Are you still setting up campaign for same niche? Try something new. Setup a...
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    Activate Google Adwords Without CC/VCC

    VCCs seldom work. So make sure you dont 'splurge' much before being sure about their authenticity. Goodluck!
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    Previously Banned AdWords Account - Running a Client's AdWords Account (Sep Account)

    I'd suggest not linking it to a personal account but an MCC (my client center) account. My Client Center (MCC) is a powerful tool for handling multiple AdWords accounts. Think of MCC as an umbrella account with several AdWords accounts (managed accounts) linked to it. You should use MCC if...