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  1. J

    Google has built a fleet of cars

    I thought they used those devices attached to the roof of the car for Google Maps purpouses.
  2. J

    IM career over

    Hey, man, I'm in university too and i find time to do IM. I think you could do it too. After all - there's nothing impossible in this world.
  3. J

    Anyone offering bulk email sending?

    Lets say 20k. I don't know what you mean by verified. I have my own message to send and its spam score is low.
  4. J

    Anyone offering bulk email sending?

    Anyone? Price?
  5. J

    What should I do?

    Yes, this is the exact number of monthly searches.
  6. J

    What should I do?

    Thats why i blurt it.
  7. J

    What should I do?

    Don't know if this is the right subforum to post this thread. I found the following keyword (see attachment) and I am not sure how to proceed. Can you give me some advice?
  8. J

    Full facebook female accounts with freinds and pics needed.

    I'm interested in those. Or more specifically in driving fans to a Fb page.