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  1. blorgon416

    is there any tool that alert when my website ranking chnages? get weekly reports
  2. blorgon416

    What is the Red Pill of Money-Making?

    Spoken like someone who's never applied what the book teaches. It's empirically proven to work and has worked for me. Red Pill is MORE than just about women, it's about self-development but that is the starting point. Anyway, this thread isn't about the merits of PUA, it's about books to help...
  3. blorgon416

    What is the Red Pill of Money-Making?

    For those who don't know the Red Pill is basically a movement of men who discovered that everything what society taught us about women growing up was wrong. This movement kind of started with PUA and the release of the book The Game. Sure, there had been writers and thinkers before that...
  4. blorgon416

    CJ (Commission Juncation) Affililate - Please list your experience for publishers

    I find commissions are set at better rates than other places but sometimes they'll have outdated banner ads. I've also had some advertisers drop us. I was doing aff marketing for Bevel and they just dropped us out of nowhere. My advice is read the terms of each partnership carefully. For...
  5. blorgon416

    Tips For a Newbie Blogger

    80/20 rule. You creating the content is 20% of the work. Getting an audience to read it is the real work. Not enough people understand this and think "if you build it, they will come."
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    Advice needed using a URL shortner

    Use PrettyLinks as a shortner for affiliate links. You can customize it.
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    How much does a PROPER English writer cost?

    I'm a professional writer, and I can tell you .10 cents a word is the minimum for an entry-level writer. I would not take anything less than this even when I needed money. Anyone who does isn't worth your time. Right now, I charge .50 cents a word as my going rate. Consider this, a New York...
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    How to make a content box in wordpress.

    It's html markup called Webkit it looks like. You can probably do this yourself.
  9. blorgon416

    Reddit problem

    Reddit's really become shit lately. Most of the mods on various subreddits power trip and make promotion of any kind overly difficult. Like even if you're not spamming and trying to post content adjacent to your niche.
  10. blorgon416 or new domain?

    Absolutely agree with this. But it really depends on your goals. If your goal is purely to make money off affiliates, then absolutely get a new domain. If your goal is to create brand and get a following, then Medium is for you. Ideally, you would build up your brand through Medium and once...
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    How to Make Interesting Blogging Contents That the Readers Cannot Simply Resist

    But will they buy? It's one thing for readers to actually read what you write but how do you convert/get them to subscribe
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    How do you create Buttons on WordPress?

    I tried a few. I'm liking Shortcode Ultimate and WordPress CTA the best. Maxbutton was terrible imo.
  13. blorgon416

    How do you create Buttons on WordPress?

    The theme I'm currently using (Newspaper) was promoting using buttons in an article, so I'd thought I give it a shot. However, going into my theme panel I could not find any elements that would let me do this. Is there a plug-in that I'm missing? I know you can do it yourself by using basic HTML...
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    No Thumbnail Issue On Wordpress

    That's odd. Check your WordPress settings.
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    Realize Your Website's Full Potential With Reddit

    Raw numbers won't do shit unless they convert. It looks good but you won't make money off affiliates like that.
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    It's time to Stop Re: Guys here Who Spam POF

    Honestly... I don't go to clubs any more. I spent so much money on that shit in my early 20s and would never get laid lmao. The money's better put to use building my business. And with the MeToo era I find going out even more unappealing. Either the chicks are hot and superficial and just want...
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    It's time to Stop Re: Guys here Who Spam POF

    Yes, lol Papa Bless
  18. blorgon416

    It's time to Stop Re: Guys here Who Spam POF

    The last msg I got for sure was a dude. But I do think there are cam girls. Or at least there were before. Like they had private snapchats and other stuff like that makes me think they're legit hoes.