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    I'm Going Into Surgery In A Few Hours

    Best of luck, however i don't know how long it will take for your complete health. I will pray for you that your surgery would be successful and there is no side effect after it.
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    What is the best investment of 100$ ??

    Interesting question, well I will Charity all 100$, because you ask "were to invest them". So I think it could be the best investment for me, because it will always profitable for me. It is also possible that i can earn 100$ per day after investing 100$ once :)
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    Lost My Job & Got Only $197 in the bank - Need Help!

    It is bad to knew about your job, good and bad time is the part of life, so dont worry about it. You did not mentioned about your skills, what you knokw about Information Technology so that I can suggest you the better idea. Even if you dont know about the IT you can earn. You can earn by...
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    What's your favorite fish to eat?

    I like fish which is in grilled form. For grilling Salmon, Tuna, and Swordfish are the best. While, for baking I guess bigger fish needed such as Arctic char, sable fish, and Pacific halibut.
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    I simply want to flood a single URL with hits.

    if the Google will count these automated clicks while deciding about the rank of my website in results?
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    Flood Your Website with Targeted Visitors Without Building a Single Link

    please share some of the portals or forums where I can submit my info-graphics for getting traffic?
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    [iMacros] Get Twitter Followers Easily!

    nice! gaining genuine followers and without paying anything in exchange, wow
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    $150 a day with INSTAGRAM

    and how to move ahead with a second giveaway without giving away anything in reality
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    The Complete Guide to Starting a Website [2016 updated]

    Google Adsense, works fine with wordpress based sites/blogs or if there is any workable alternative
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    Need Old Adwords Account

    can anyone please tell me about the average price that I have to pay for a qualified account?
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    What car do you drive?

    Honda City, I hope we have people here who know about that car... less popular in Europe but a major player in Asian markets
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    AliExpress Affiliate Plugin

    Alibaba is good however, this company is facing severe criticism for their aggressive marketing strategy, I believe they are going to face a backlash soon
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    Whatsapp bulk sender

    offering phone numbers as well? I have heard that there are people who used to sell scrapped numbers in huge quantities
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    Top Quality YouTube Absolute Retention Views Other Quality Social Media Services

    If you are offering facebook video views as well? If you answer is in positive then please share some details. Anyone else knows about any such service available here?
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    Lover's Blog Posting Service - Up To 750 Posts - Starting at $15

    what kind of niches, you are serving ?
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    Need Facebook acc creator

    its better to purchase verified accounts.... you need a very less accounts so investing in a creator is not a great idea
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    Should I give 1&1 my scanned ID??

    dont give your ID anywhere without crossing it with a pen, I mean draw a diagonal line over a copy and than scan it, or simply do it with the help of ms paint
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    Does a hyphen decrease domain value?

    yes it do comes with a negative impact