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    My first journey (OGADS + IG)

    Local supplier. Creating on my own. Thanks.
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    My first journey (OGADS + IG)

    Hi, Thanks for your answers. The first question is in terms of security -> so that IG doesn't "scan" my linked page or whatever they do and see locked content. So it's perfectly fine to do: IG -> link to the landing page ( from there is subpage
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    My first journey (OGADS + IG)

    Thanks. I think i will go with them. With this VPS Windows server I'm getting one more IP, so i will try to use this IP for IG acc too. -> time to make 2 more accounts. Little update: 1. I just finished my content locker design, content locker page, and user reward system. 2. Decided that...
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    My first journey (OGADS + IG)

    There are many guides on how to do that even on a BHW. Basically, Linux VPS + additional IP's turned to a proxy server. Thanks. Just hoping that IG won't block my accounts before Jarvee starts -> because i think i did proper creation :)
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    My first journey (OGADS + IG)

    Hi, I created this thread to keep myself motivated and learn along the way. This is my first journey on BHW but not my first attempt at IM earning. Idea is: get traffic to my landing page from IG accounts to my landing pages send users from landing pages to content locker page after a user...
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