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    GramDominator2.5 - Malware?

    And now this, legit or no? Facedominator:4:53 PM We would like to inform you that there is no virus in the software, its just a false positive reported by some of the AV companies. As a proof you can take a look at recent reply from one of the popular AV company...
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    GramDominator2.5 - Malware?

    And then this reply (screenshot attached) Facedominator:4:49 PM Sometime antivirus misunderstood the files present in the software as virus, but the software doesn't contain any virus
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    GramDominator2.5 - Malware?

    I purchased the monthly plan today, for $9.99, and when I went to download the file on my PC, Avast caught it and said Malware. So I asked support, they said to disable it. I didn't, I asked for their Apple Mac Version. Once I downloaded the zip file, I went to Virus Total, uploaded the file...
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    [help] Gramdominator

    Also trying to chat with support (screenshot attached), thanks in advance for any and all help!
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    [help] Gramdominator

    Question, when I scanned the files for GramDominator on my PC Workspace, Avast caught it as Malware. Upon checking, it said a bunch of stuff. Then I downloaded the Mac Version, and uploaded the download file to VirusTotal and it lit up like Christmas (see screenshot) Is this normal, and...
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    Fiverr reviews

    Check your PM's when you have a moment, I sent you one! :)
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    Main Shadow Banned & Desperate For Help

    Lmao I don't know how to answer your post, but I died laughing when you mentioned popping addies and going full force.. thats what I do. Lmao :D Addies are a lifesaver for my ADHD :D
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    New Here

    Welcome to the bbest forum ever!!!
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    Hashtag Top Posts

    Good question, wondering the same thing. O_o
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    Retweet Group for 100K Adult Twitter account

    Added! :)
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    Domain penalized , i want to sell , should i tell the buyers

    I would just be upfront and transparent, you will go further and may even be able to offer the potential buyer another service you offer etc. Don't ruin your network or credibility for something so small.
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    NEW kik shoutout group 2k-500k

    friend kik: jiseLLynn
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    17 Year Old's Journey To $XXX A Day Through Instagram!

    Best of luck to you on your journey!
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    God damn e11ven Miami, 24 hour club/strip club always sucks me in and I end up leaving the next afternoon. SMH, lmao. Happy #SundayFunDay everyone ;D
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    Hi everyone!

    Welcome! This place is full of good people that are very knowledgeable and friendly! :)
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    Good People Still Exist

    For sure, thank you again - seriously you have no idea how thankful I am!
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    Good People Still Exist

    I'm new to the forum here and this may come off a cheesy but whatever. I came on thinking what I needed with DMCA help was going to be a longshot but I got nothing but love from @patriotnews ... He has helped me accomplish what I came here for and is the definition of a selfless and genuine...
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    Dmca issues

    Thanks for your response Patriot. Thats the thing, I have sent DMCA requests to them over and over, I reached out to their hosts to no avail. In the past with your help, have you been sucessfull getting stuff down? If so maybe I can pay you or whatever to help out? It's getting really...
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    Dmca issues

    Hello, this may be off subject a bit but i'm new and didn't know where to post the question. If a website ignores my DMCA request over and over what step should I take next? They have one video of me i've been trying to get down for over a year now and nobody has responded to the...