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    How easy will I rank?

    1. You can go for aged domain and can do EMD but at the same time you have to do on page properly. 2. For no 2. I am not getting what you are trying to mean? Could you please explain more elaborately? 3. Getting ranking is time consuming as you follow white hat practice.
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    Capital letters and symbols in SEO Title - Good or bad?

    I would suggest to write title in capital case and do not use symbol.
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    Multiple Domains or Multiple Pages?

    Multiple domain is not good for SEO as link juice will be divided among all the domains. You can try with multiple pages.
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    Technical SEO Interview

    Technical SEO means Google Search Console or Google Webmaster tool. Try to read Google Webmaster tool in details, go to Youtube there are many more good video tutorial regarding webmaster tool, study from there.
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    Domain Extension and SEO

    Domain extensions does not matter for ranking. But if we get backlink from .edu and .gov sites it is very good for our website.
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    What are some must have SEO tools that you use?

    I use 1. Google Webmaster Tool for checking checking website's technical aspect 2. Google Analytics Tool for checking traffic details 3. Moz for site authentication checking 4. Semrush for website audit 5. Google AdWords keywords analysis tool for keyword research
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    Is blogger (.blogspot) still ranking in 2018?

    Yes you can get raking easily but contents need to be original and good.
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    creating web 2.0 links...white or black hat?

    It will be considered as black hat, if you build link in the experied web 2.0 the links will be of no use.
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    Submitting Same events to multiple event websites

    I will suggest that do changes in the content and post in the multiple website, do not post the same content in the all websites.
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    What link building method should i start initially?

    You can start with web 2.0 register in wordpress, weebly, medium then post blog there.
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    Hey guys,is the black hat seo still effective for the B2C business.

    According to my opinion, black hat SEO can not be a permanent solution, for your B2C store you are doing blackhat but you should do white hat practice for doing stable business in the future.
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    How long does it take for a website to get ranked?

    You have not mentioned about the website, what type of website it is, what about the competition as ranking depend on these. If your website has tremendous competition we have to lot of works for off page. But in a general way I can suggest that do meta tag optimization properly, provide fresh...
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    blog posts

    You can choose topic in these way gifts in relationship how to choose best birthday gift for Mom and you can write articles also for all gifts which you are offering.
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    Ranking for 2 word keyword phrase

    may I know for which website you are talking? Short tail keywords are generally very competitive, you are telling that you have already targeted 3 words keywords. But have you achieved ranking for this? If yes , now you can also target two words but you have to very much known about the...
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    putting keywords inside blog help other pages?

    Do you want to make separate blog page in the same website? if yes you can but content should be different and fresh, use this keyword chocolate protein shakes in your new blog. But please do not do stuffing.
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    Which free tool is best for article rewrite?

    I think free-article-spinner tool is good. This tool provides good and fresh content.
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    Best tool for Duplicate content(internal or exteranl both)?

    I am using these tools for checking duplicate content: 1. copyscape tool 2. smallseotools tool 3. siteliner tool
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    How can i drive traffic to my blog.

    Share your blog articles in social media and start doing blog commenting with your blog article links.
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    What is domain property in SEO?

    What is domain property in SEO? is it white hat practice?
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    6 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic (Get Ready to Work SMART!)

    Thanks for sharing such valuable information! the all mentioned points are really effective for getting traffic; I think social media is the best platform for gaining traffic. Create blog and social media, create video and share in social media are very effective for getting traffic.