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    Girl coming over to my place. Need your help!

    Yeah I was joking, look I suppose there are a lot of sites where you can watch movie online. Is that good idea?
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    Girl coming over to my place. Need your help!

    Man, if she is so much beautifull, go ahead download trailer of that movie and in meantime get her down :) hahahaahah if you know what I mean. Good luck .
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    org or com domain name?

    .COM for sure, that is first and standard commercial, if you are some sort of organisation then choose other.
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    UploadWolf - Private PPD Network

    Hi friends, I am using UploadWolf and I have to tell that its converting better than all other networks that i tried. Keep up the good work guys. All Best. Nemke
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    Where to invest earnings?

    Investing into real business will be just fine for good ROI. Internet can be gambling if you know what i mean.
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    New Fast, Relailable and Secure Payment processor, High Risk, Merchant

    Sent you PM with my details. Scam and Frauds please dont contact me. Its legitimate company and will process only legitimate service or products. Regards. Nemke
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    New Fast, Relailable and Secure Payment processor, High Risk, Merchant

    Hello, I would like here to instroduce new payment gateway for VISA and Mastercard for Merchants that wish to integrate their offline business using Virtual Terminal. All payments are processed live with followin rate : 1. Each transaction is charged 10% 2. High Risk is allowed 3. Payment is...
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    UploadWolf - Private PPD Network

    Hello, Looks proffy and good design, I am interested in joining program. Cheers, Nemke
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    $200 my budget, Any Good IDEAS to Invest Them?

    Hi, I writed you PM there is a lot of things to do this is not easy part, but can be very good.
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    $200 my budget, Any Good IDEAS to Invest Them?

    Hi, Your idea sounds good but dont know how much today Arciles are good to profit. Contact me PM maybe i have some better ideas. Cheers, Nemke
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    Dangers of WIFI; i am going to shut my wifi off. most of the time i do not use it

    :) What a interesting subject. Man you blame WIFI for that ahahahahaha. What a nonsence really, but thank you for funny words . Regards, Nemke
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    Bulk email marketing Questions

    Hello, I agree with you 100% from 100k 10 signups tops we can bet . Regards, Nemke
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    Request for Hosting provider that can deliver huge amount of /24 blocks

    Hi, All Hosting providers who can sell for start 5-6 /24 IP range blocks can contact me for long term business cooperation. Also if you contact me please attach server prices. Happy bidding, Best regards, Nemke
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    Real Producer from Europe

    Our ceramics are designed specifically to customer demand and is characterized by high quality, brilliance, resilience, usability. Manufacture is a family owned more than 20 years and is one of unique ceramic production in the region. Ceramics we produce is called Majolica and is one of the...
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    Active Sales Person needed

    Active Sales Person needed Ceramic Factory is looking for a Sales person to work Online as Sales Person Representative. A candidate will be active on field and responsible for gaining new customers. Candidate must have great communication skills and an excellent command of English Language...
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    Where are these $6 domain names?

    :) They charge you 1$ 1st year, second is very very different story. Cheers. Nemke
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    Domain Broker needed

    Hello, Is someone interested for domain name here is when is registered and approx worth I sell it for 500$ cash, all interested please page me . Regards, Nemke
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    Looking for eBay, Amazon or local sales persons

    Guys prices stated are like to End-User not final. Every potential trader have its discount and profit margin. Best regards. Good luck. Nemke
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    Looking for eBay, Amazon or local sales persons

    I am looking for overseas resellers (preferably US and EU) with solid eBay / Amazon accounts or eCommerce sites to partner with for mutual profit-making enterprises. I have good supplier prices for Connect Phone Brand phones models : CONNECT i101 Get Connected with a Handy and Stylish...