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  1. J

    Instadub - Desktop Instagram Automation Bot

    Does this still work? ive been having troubles with automations and finding proxies that work with them
  2. J

    Testing Creative Instagram Strategies

    how's it going?
  3. J

    Jarvee VS Socinator. Which one is best?

    yeah im using socinator as well but was wondering where to get good proxies just to schedule stuff
  4. J

    ***FB PVAs New/Old/Farmed/Marketplace & Other Social Media/Email Account Services***

    I bought three instagram accounts Order #5824 which I cant access as the emails cant be accessed without the recovery emails (no cookies were supplied). I tried emailing 4-5 times over the last week but "Nancy" stopped responding. Can you please sort this out or at leats respond?
  5. J

    Instagram Photo Verification

    Thanks man!
  6. J

    Instagram Photo Verification

    Hi So hear a lot of people say that it makes no difference using your face for the instagram photo verification on multiple accounts (100's even). Do you guys recommend using my real name (your asked to write your name, Username and the number) or the one that the account is in? Many thanks...
  7. J

    Instagram Facial Recognition/ Selfie Video Authentication

    sorry to bump an old thread but do you guys use your real name with the verification or a fake one?
  8. J

    [Journey] Building a Social Media Empire

    Also did you encounter the problem of needing to write an umber down on a piece of paper and upload it? is it safe to do that for multiple accounts do you know?
  9. J

    [Journey] Building a Social Media Empire

    where did you get the proxies from?