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    Thanks BHW :)

    Welcome glad to have you here stay for life we are a big happy family :D
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    iPad 2 owners

    Please dont ask for pm's just ask in public and wait
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    This deserves its own thread
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    Blackhat Rap Battle 2011 - Punk Biatches Need Not Apply
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    [Get]Google+ invites!!

    You do know its open now right? you dont need an invite
  6. H Can I do with WP
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    It was sensible for us to allow these two separate accounts so now you will all know who your talking too
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    Really Confused at the Moderation Here

    I have fixed your primary account
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    United Kingdom Online/Offline Loan

    I was personally going to offer you it myself until i read your -9 reputation
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    Ladies, I need your help to name a nail polish shop!

    Nail IT Glaze Glazed Nailtural Almost Natural N.A.I.L - Make your own meaning up lol edit just seen it was for online shop so most of these wont work unless you long tail it i guess :D
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    Expensive hookers that cost > $3,000/hr?

    Closing this dumb thread.
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    Happy Fathers day I think this is one of the perfect songs for today and for those who have lost a father it will mean a lot
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    Happy Fathers day

    LOL yes i was editing the logo first :) have a good one man, and for all those who have lost there fathers our thoughts go out to you, im sure today is a difficult time!
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    Happy Fathers day

    Oh and enjoy the simple but new logo for the day :)
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    Happy Fathers day

    Happy Fathers Day everyone!
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    I can't work, this girl has me upset. Anyone have any advice?

    spread some rumours secretly about her and make sure nobody knows its you who done it! Tell everyone she has some STD and that she used to be a boy Then you be her shoulder to cry on then say you will prove that you dont believe the rumour by having unprotected sex with her. Then you win
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    [FAST 25$] click share to see video

    you can just type things like pastebin file CrycDn8H for example and people will know Just little example :D
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    What if BHW forum is not Black !!!

    Bottom left hand side there is a few selections. We are working on more, its on a to-do list for those who dont like the black :D hope that helps
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    Google +1 Clickjacking

    lol i knew i shoulda posted this earlier :D I guess you read the same sites i do :)