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    High Profitable Authority Niche Sites 3+ CPC[100 Articles] Starting $50

    Hey, Please send me samples
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    Hey Order link and coupon, please.
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    Easy Earning With Micro Niche Sites Only $30

    Can I see a sample in dm, please?
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    Traffic from

    Everything is correct. This is how Bing improves its knowledge of spam detection. From 1-3 tasks are given to check the page, that is, 3 people will have to check this or that page, and give their feedback about it (as far as I understand) Several sites, after constant checks by clickworkers...
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    What's your new BING strategy?

    I believe that since August 2019, sites associated with downloading any program, medicine and casino are de-indexed, so they are considered spam.
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    Could we solve Bing deindex problem?

    Is the site niche related to downloading something?
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    bing deindexed my site

    If you do not mind sharing the results, it would be great.
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    bing deindexed my site

    I have two sites on the same hosting with the same theme and similar keys, maybe this was the reason and this is exactly what bing is an inorganic structure. Both of these sites were de-indexed in turn. After the Cheng, I independently closed one of the sites from indexing. The first site...
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    bing deindexed my site

    I have a similar problem. I tried a lot Updated content Deleted content Changed Meta The problem appeared after September 2019. A post was timed to this date, which talked about a new penalty filter for the inorganic structure of the site. On one hosting was located 2 sites of the same niche...
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    Bing De-indexing issue | is anyone else facing this issue?

    Same problem. I tried a lot, deleted keywords, added content, deleted articles, disavow links. Support Bing tells me that the site does not meet their standards, and in which direction to dig, I do not know. Looking at your site, I can say that you have quite a few keywords in the text.