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    Propellerads publishers how much do you earn and can you help me to earn

    Your advertising ads is so anonying, they just closed my account, for no reason, I contacted support but the have no reason. Please guys I am looking for a better play to buy traffic trim please.
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    I have $100 to invest in paid traffic

    I am following this thread... And looking forward to the best answer... I also have money to invest on paid traffic. But don't want to get banned by adsense
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    No, No downtime, nothing, all my keyword is last page of google search,
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    Hello guys i am recently frustrated because of google. My major site was hit recently by google without any update or nothing, I just saw a big drop in traffic and lost 95% of my traffic. Did Google run spiritual Update or Something, I don't get this. because I checked online and find out...
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    [Google Update Warning] Monday-Tue 11th Jan

    Today is the worst day of my seo world. I got hit and lost 98% of my traffic, just for nothing, what is all this google I trying to do.:weep::weep::weep::weep:
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    Algorithm Update 15 September 2020

    I lost 70% of my traffic only this September
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    How Do Google See This Backlink

    Even without no anchor text at all?
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    How Do Google See This Backlink

    Hello gurus in the house... I am a bit confuse. I was thinking of building back link without anchor text so I came up with the idea of doing it this way <a href=""></a> I don't know how google will see it or might even penalize my site for hidden link or...
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    Blasting Backlinks On Expired DOMAIN

    So I shouldn't blast on the expired domain right?
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    Blasting Backlinks On Expired DOMAIN

    Base on google recent changes, we can't blast up to1000 links to a domain at a go.. Please I would love to know wheather this can still work using 301 redirect. I have an expired domain pointing to my money site E.g Domain1 .com pointing to I would like to know whether if I blast...
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    Link building for a brand new website.

    No2. Start with branded links. And naked URL. It is really important. And will help you in a long run.
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    Help!! I need advise please

    Hello Bhw,. I had a domain in 2015, (domain1 .com) this domain was not ranking because I did not optimize it for seo, just for fb group shit. I had to switch the domain because of AdSense and did a 301 redirect to a new domain (domain2 .com). The new domain ranked well for period of 2 years...
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    Anyone here offering Adsense approval service?

    I have submitted mine since 2months now, but no message from them, still under review till now no luck.
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    What is HQ Links ??

    Thanks a lot.
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    What is HQ Links ??

    Thanks. A lot
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    What is HQ Links ??

    Hello bosses in the house. I want to know more about seo and how HQ links works. Question 1. If a comment link is placed on a niche related comment with lot of spammy comment link there if i place my link there is it considered as quality link? Question 2. If I place a link on niche related...
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    Hello gurus, I need help. I just made a bid for an expired domain, but forgot to check its spam score, after i finish purchasing it. I checked an found out it is about 44% and there is no refund according to the T&C of the domain company. I feel like crying, I dont know what to do. I intended...
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    still had the same issue, but dont know when the ranking will come back
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    Am interested