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    The World's Biggest FUCK YOU Thread

    Fuck CJ and fuck you!
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    ** EXCLUSIVE - Harro Talks with Google **

    Yessss! I needed that, hilarious!!!!
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    Success. How BAD do you really want it?

    This really is a great video! Sometimes its hard to keep moving forward when you feel like you might be missing out on the things going on right now, thats a short term fear of mine and I accept it as that... My long term fear is to not be able to support my family and create a legacy for myself...
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    BHW : What are you listening to when online?? :)

    Hieroglyphics and zion I
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    100 PR3+ Do-follow Social Bookmarking Service

    I have used his service multiple times and I'm impressed by his rapid response and turn around time every time! Thanks again!!!
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    100 PR3+ Do-follow Social Bookmarking Service

    Not only did mrichards1984 do exactly what he said he would but he got it done ahead of his quoted time! Hats off and looking forward to working more with him in the future!!!
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    getting on BHW with the G1?

    Sorry man i wish i could help you, but i might be able to help anyone thinking of getting the blackberry storm... ITS A PIECE OF SHIT!!! Just saying.
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    Blond Chick with nice pussy

    Hahaha... Well played sir!
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    WARNING: Microwaving Water is DANGEROUS

    Who's idea was it to put that much blue wang in the movie?
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    Using Filezilla? Be carefull for hackers

    wow! good looking out!
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    WARNING: Microwaving Water is DANGEROUS

    Man that sucks!.. I used to put raw eggs into the m/w on purpose to watch them explode until one day it literally blew the plastic lining on the inside of the door apart... It was awesome until my mom came home and i had to make up a B/S story on how it was a mistake!
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    so this kid tried to mess with me..

    Ahhh... Come on man, whats the purpose of having a specific set of skills if you don't get to use them when someone is trying to get one over on you?
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    rain glorious rain!!!

    well let me tell you guys here in Vegas there are parts of the city that don't get rain for 9-12 months, and the parts that do still only a couple of times a year! Its so bad that when it does rain the whole city turns into bumper cars!!!