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    Jarvee - Update was unfollowed flag finished

    How did you resolve this issue or what was the solution? Still experiencing it now, would be a big help to get more insight! Thank you @andreshack
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    So the new IG grow Method is...

    Are you still able to operate at 10K per day and everything is fine?
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    Mass Story view bot?

    Do you have a screenshot? like you reached out and emailed support and they told you the limit per day for story views is 10K ?
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    Mass Story view bot?

    where did you get 10K a day max limit from? @Alexbru
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    [ASKING] Inauthentic Likes & Follows Notification Received NOW!

    @Henry Cooper any input? :) got a few of these messages from clients myself, unsure of how to proceed effectively
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    [ASKING] Inauthentic Likes & Follows Notification Received NOW!

    any new updates on things for you? Also have been getting the message from clients, not sure whether to have them change password or leave it and lower settings....
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    [ASKING] Inauthentic Likes & Follows Notification Received NOW!

    Any updates on this? I have been getting a customer or 2 the last 4 days and today that have gotten the message, I was going to adjust settings to make them more human, is it a requirement/suggestion that they should change their passwords? Has anyone had an account deleted or seen significant...
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    Carousel/"Multi-Posts".. Jarvee Reads as Photo or Video?

    Trying to optimize settings for reposts on Jarvee, however have ran into some trouble trying to repost carousel posts as I cant tell whether Jarvee reads it as a video or photo (I want to only repost videos so..). Any insight?
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    I loved reading this because I totally agree! It would be great to speak with you more through pm I had a few things I would like to discuss with you if that is cool
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    hello, would you also be able to pm me please?
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    What are the IG DM limits?

    @Henry Cooper @PolarPo do either of you have any info regarding daily dm limits on IG?
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    No it happens later not usually right when it is initiated/turned on
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    @Henry Cooper any suggestions here? thanks!
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    Does anyone have tested, effective ways of getting rid of like blocks? Have tried turning off all source of likes (like after following, like, comment like, etc) and resetting device ID but it still remains. Any suggestions/solutions?
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    Followliker location targetting

    any answer/solution to this yet?
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    My Journey (or Experiment, rather) Mass-Growing Niche Accounts.

    Hello! I do the same thing as you, but am running into issues with repost caption blocks or the repost not including the spin captions I have assigned and validated in Jarvee. It is working for a few of my accounts but recently the newer ones have been having this issue. Didnt know if you had...
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    New IG Scraper?

    thats the main program i use but not to scrape accounts, only hashtags at most. you use it for users and it works great?
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    New IG Scraper?

    it is slow (saying too many operations selected) and it doesnt seperate on gender which is what i need the most currently
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    New IG Scraper?

    Thank you for your input! Do you know of any current fast scrapers that do most of the other functions? right now Im using Followliker and IG scraper but they are both too slow for what i need
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    How to scrape existing .csv lists w/ FollowLiker

    Looking to be able to scrape users of already existing .csv lists that I import, am able to import all users from the csv list into the query but Followliker only scrapes 1 of the listed accounts over and over.