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    Is content REALLY king?

    Whenever I look up anything that'd be worth making a site about, the listings are almost entirely big merchant sites.
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    [Ranking Solutions] | High DA, TF, CF | Homepage & Permanent Backlinks at Just $1.72

    Order placed. ID# 0EU28945VN9603504 Hopefully I filled out the form right: URL Keyword 1 Keyword 2 Keyword 3
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    [Ranking Solutions] | High DA, TF, CF | Homepage & Permanent Backlinks at Just $1.72

    Any coupon codes left you can send me? I'm interested in a 50-post pack.
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    Google'a content quality propaganda is such a joke

    "Content is king" is a saying that has only been good for one set of people: Writers.
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    Cheapest yet powerful blog network -- rank and bank it

    Just ordered a 200 package.
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    The end of keyword stuffed on-site SEO is near.

    Unfortunately for searchers, it isn't gaining any ground on the bolded part. Whenever I am unfortunate enough to be trying to search for something that's in the 15% of beta'd-up queries, Google's assumption has been 10,000 miles away from the mark and I end up having to search for my term in...
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    Get Your BACKLINK EDGE - High Quality Tiered Link Building - Fantastic Value - 40% DISCOUNT

    Just ordered, transaction #6RC65167TY519480L. Currently this page isn't ranking anywhere under anything. Eager to see if your links will fix that!
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    Trying to rank a XXX site

    Feet and ponies would do far better at getting those 10 hits. Oh, and as for the ponies part, don't be surprised if that drew a lot of people looking for the cartoon kind. Other than that, one foray into the XXX site world will show you that people get turned on by all sorts of bizarre shit...
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    Some Noob Questions and Requests.

    This is the only one I have an answer for now. YES, SEO can be done on any site. In fact, I always have the best luck when I use good ol' HTML (via DreamWeaver - the one they made in 2004!). It seems that the comments people have about WordPress being highly overoptimized are true.
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    Is there a way to force Google to "see" your backlinks? (WMT panel)

    In other words, "Delete System 32," BHW style. :p
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    Google AdSense Leak - Part 2

    A few years ago, forums everywhere were ablaze with reports of AdSense bans in which Google refused to give a reason. The whole bit of banning accounts right before payday has been well-flamed, as well. Then it all suddenly died down. Overall, I'd say that the "leak" simply restates what has...
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    People Who Stay Up Late At Night Are More Intelligent...

    Of course I agree completely with the OP's study!! But then, I might be a little biased. I often see the sun come up - it's a very relaxing thing to watch just before bed. The key is that being a night person does not mean staying up all day TOO! All-dayers mixed with all-nighters makes a...
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    my hard drive is making grinding/puking noises and corrupting and freezing my comp...

    Slave the drive and then use XXClone to copy the old drive to the new one. Not just "files and folders," either. Everything will stay installed and work as soon as the process is complete, provided you do it before the old drive dies. The computer will act as though it still has the old drive...
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    How Do You Deal with Clients that Fail to Pay?

    Taking the site down is a good idea, but save a copy. That way you can make him pay more (charge in advance this time) to get a .zip of it.
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    HELP ME! I am having an emergency. Pipe burst..

    Shut off the water! Not at the shower, but somewhere along the pipe that leads to that point. There should be a main shutoff near where it enters the house, but try to look for one higher than that - shutting it ALL off could result in death to the water heater if the heater goes dry. She's...
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    Can I get around a Trademark by doing this?

    The first thing to check is whether "fb" or "ms" is trademarked. I'm not sure about "fb," but I'm pretty sure I've seen Microsoft refer to itself as MS. If my memory is right that they do refer to themselves that way, you can bet it's trademarked.
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    Make $2 A Day And Lose Weight

    Ha ha ha! When I was in high school I did that, and made way more than $2/day before others in the area caught on. MI 10c cans + hotel parking lot trash cans. $14/day. Car to hotel row, then walk the lots. Easy money. Also, fun bonuses. Free porno mags, a giant free box of misbranded hotel...
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    Guy Taking my Content word for word will I be Penalized?

    Google, realize something?!? Don't hold your breath. Seriously. File a DMCA complaint with the G, watch those pages of his site get banned, and laugh. The only reason not to do that is if you yourself had copied the content from somewhere. I hate site copiers and if I find one, it's nukin'...
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    1024x resolution question

    Horizontal scrolling is incredibly annoying if it's necessary to see the essential text. On the other hand, if the only thing off to the side is some irrelevant design element, it's not such a big deal. Even the nav can be off to the side if it's not a site that needs a lot of switching between...