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    Why is working on Windows computers so grim?

    lol thats prolly you, i enjoy working on my Win10, so i'll say its pretty subjective
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    Telegram adder

    Need someone to add members to my new telegram group. If you have a good rate, comment please or suggest popular experts
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    Where to buy Virtual Cards

    How bro and cost
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    How long did you try until you made your first $ online?

    About a month,then sold my first site for $55.. 2016
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    [MEGA] Who Want To Take Revenge on Pay Pal - Share Your Tips & Tricks To Help Fellow BHW Members

    Lol PayPal has too many restrictions in my country so I hate them normally anyways.. There was once I sold a domain and the customer all of a sudden said he didn't want the domain after a few days which I realized was because he added some shitty back links.. I told him I couldn't give a refund...
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    what the hell is happening to world?

    Lol is there still a word called "world"?
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    First Clickbank Payment Finally

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    Best Pay Per Install Networks?

    Definitely cpabuild
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    The Next Crypto To Explode - Upfiring

    Cool seems I'll hop on the bus also