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    Blue Badge for Social Media

    Hello everyone, I want some one who can get Facebook/Instagram/Twitter verification, Without access to the accounts and if they don't have PR, they create the PR too And I won't do any pre-payment If you agree to these please contact me
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    Facebook (Blue Tick) Needed

    Hello, I need Facebook (Blue Tick), I'm fine if it's pre-verified or you can get a new page verified
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    Pre Verified Facebook pages (Blue Tick)

    I need a Facebook page with Blue tick that you can change it's name to my desired name
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    Pre-verified Facebook Account

    I want pre verified Facebook account that you can change it's name to my desired name Please contact me: [email protected]
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    Facebook Page Name Change

    Hi, I want to change the name of a page I have, I have requested three times so far and it has been refused Anyone can Change it without access of the page?
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    I need to publish an Article in 24 hours

    I have a Political article I want to publish in a News Website (if it's Israeli News Website better). I'm in a hurry I need it in 24 hours or less if you can do it message me please
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    I need to Publish an Article

    Hi, I have an Article I want to publish in some websites, Anyone can Help?
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    Trusted Twitter Verification Service (24-48 hours)

    I placed my order and got my verification in less than 48 hours. Quality work as always, thanks
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    Israeli PR

    Hi, I need some Israeli websites and Facebook pages to publish an article in it.
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    Needs Facebook Blue Tick

    I need someone who can get me Blue Tick (Blue Badge) on Facebook, and other social Medias
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    I need someone to get me Blue Tick for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

    Hi, I have some pages on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter that I want to get them Blue Tick, Anyone who can do it can send me a message me or contact me via email
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    I want to Buy Facebook Accounts

    I want to buy Facebook account in Bulk (150 to 300) Facebook accounts
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    Instagram Login Problem

    I need help logging in into my Business Instagram Account, I have tried forgot password with phone number even, but still can't Thanks
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    I need Facebook or Instagram Blue Tick

    I need someone to verify some Facebook pages for me and some Instagram Business Accounts
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    I need Facebook verification

    I need someone to verify some Facebook pages for me, I'm looking for a long time partner
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    I need Facebook Verification

    I need someone who can verify Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. If you can please contact me for more information
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    I want Facebook/Instagram Verification

    I have a lot of social media accounts to verify, please if you are interested contact me. And I don't like to get in touch via Skype, I prefer telegram or Whatsapp more than anyrhing
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    Needs Facebook, Instagram and Twitter Verification

    I'm looking for someone who provides Social Media Platforms verification, with a reasonable price. I'm looking for someone to work with for a long time
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    Instagram/Facebook/Twitter Verification

    Hello, I'm looking for someone who can verify Instagram / Facebook / Twitter accounts for a reasonable price
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    Instagram/Facebook Verification Service [Proven on BHW]

    I got my second order result a week ago, very satisfied with it. Thanks Again