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    Aged instagram accounts

    It depends on how you warm them up and what kind of software will be run to bot them. I highly recommend to read this forum many people here have posted about 4G proxies, fingerprints, warm up and so on. I guess you will have to do a lot of testing and see what raises red flag ( where...
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    ✅ Journey to $10,000 passive income using free traffic

    @lucky.sparks WoW - just read through this journey and the previous one. Amazing creativity and discipline ! I LOVE IT! I have little knowledge in coding. Just a bit of python and a bit of bash. Would you mind to explain what Node.js is doing and how it interacts with python? this fires my...
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    My journey to make $100000 profit by end of the year

    @FannyG Thank you for posting your journey. Would be nice if you could answer a few questions so I can understand a bit better how you did this. 1. Have you been selling before 2021 on Amazon? Yes? For how many years? 2. Which skills are useful to start a amazon journey? 3. Is the first...
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    What is the best tool of Black hat?

    I guess you can apply my answer to a lot of things but the best tools are always creativity and a broad-deep knowledge in whatever you are targeting!
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    Secure ways to make/receive payments online

    If you have something like a craigslist in your country look there for Monero Mining Hardware contact those people and ask them if they have Monero and sell you some Monero in exchange for paypal fiat. Problem with payapl is this : there is a lot of scam and charge back going on with paypal...
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    Secure ways to make/receive payments online

    Looks like you are looking for Monero instead of bitcoin. Bitcoin does not offer any privacy by default. Post on craigslist or go to a meetup and buy this coin with cash. Before you do so, please read a bit about it.
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    Scammers elude Amazon crackdown on fake reviews with new tricks

    You do not have to test them all and waste your funds. Just talk to them and ask some technical questions regarding A9/10/X. Scammers don't have deep knowledge / understanding they will just provide you a "sample" where they show that your ASIN was added to a cart / wish list and post some...
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    Scammers elude Amazon crackdown on fake reviews with new tricks

    That is exactly what happened to me this year. Wasted over 500 euros of my clients budgets here on BHW for nothing but a false promises .... ended up paying it myself. Amazon SEO is nothing like it was years ago where you could just create 500 amazon accounts. Use low quality proxies and add...
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    Scammers elude Amazon crackdown on fake reviews with new tricks

    Sad things is : that post is still valid today. 4 years have passed and blackhat activity is still dominating SEO on amazon.
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    I'm developing a VeVe bot. What features should I add?

    OFF topic I do not get it. Who wants digital collectibles? the fuck is wrong with all these people? You can earn a lot if you mange to do automation inside a jailbroken iphone.
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    Hi Coco, I am a PPC Analyst. I could look into it, if you haven't solved this issue already. I do not understand what isn't working for you. You do not see the product in the search term results? OR Your product does not appear for your advertised keywords?
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    Amazon FBA Tools

    Do you have a professional seller central account? If you do - Click on Brands > Brand Analytics
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    Amazon FBA Tools

    you are welcome. If there are people here who are interested in amazon related stuff, I might post more and share my experience related to amazon.
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    Gifting Amazon KDP to increase sales and reviews? How do I proceed?

    Hey Alex, Sorry I was busy and have not noticed your post. If you still have this question please let me know. I will post a decent solution for you.
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    Amazon FBA Tools

    This is how the interface looks like What you see is the list I was talking about. Time period 1th of july to 31th of july 2021 for that months the most searched search term was air fryer the most clicked ASIN (Amazon Standard Identification Number) was This product with ASIN: B077B9X3SB...
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    Amazon FBA Tools

    Sure you can share a helium10 account with other seller its convenient but data are far from being accurate. Amazon offers access to its search terms database which shows how frequent search terms are being used daily, weekly, monthly and every 4 month. You can look up every keyword you like...
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    HI DigiDomain, I would like to book your SEO Service for 299 USD ultimate package. The product which needs your SEO Service DOES NOT RANK on any needed keywords. Can your service rank this product on page 1 NOT rank 1 on 2 mid traffic keywords 2 low traffic keywords Product has 18 Reviews...
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    Payment is released. DigiDomain is working on the package. We exchanged some e-mails: DigiDomain asked me to book his Amazon SEO Service | Amazon Sale Page Rank Improvement ultimate package for 299USD in order to see results. I decided to dig deeper and will book his SEO Service...
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    [GET] Free Reddit Account Creator!!!

    beautiful written code ! love the simplicity of it.
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    ███████❇️❇️❇️Boost Up Your Amazon Sale Page Rank: Amazon Wish List/ Shopping List & Add to Cart Creation Services❇️❇️❇️███████

    Hi DigiDomain, Thanks for your reply. I'll check my payment is and will send you a DM once thats is cleared. I am not asking for Rank 1 nor Page 1 :) I just reported my experience like I told you I would. No need to refund my second order. I will see results thats what I am paying for.