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    using links on your site to your same site

    I see this a lot, is there any point to this? Like say someone has a domain: And say there is a page on that site: So then on a different page on his site, he'll be like "blah blah blah, learn about keyword 1" and it's a link to that page. But obviously...
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    Which site is more annoying to create content for and post content to?

    Forgive my ignorance, what is UAW? @the rest of you, 80+ views and 3 poll votes? Really? So 70+ of you love writing articles for these sites? How much do you charge to do so since you love it so much?
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    Which site is more annoying to create content for and post content to?

    49 views and 1 poll vote? Really? Do you guys equally love EZA and Squidoo and just couldn't decide?
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    Is it penalized if you make a bunch of adsense sites with the same theme/layout/etc?

    I know there are lots of people on the internet that use the same theme, but they're not all on the same IP and using the same Adsense ID. That's what I was talking about.
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    Is blog creation broken for you guys? (screenshot)

    Here I am, another 2 months later (right on time!) and it still doesn't work. I am still completely at a loss for how it could be working for you but not for me. 500 Internal Server Error has nothing to do with me, my computer, my IP, my cookies, or my cache. It's something wrong on their...
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    multiple sites on the same IP in top 10?

    Do those two sites use the same Google Analytics ID?
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    Is blog creation broken for you guys? (screenshot)

    What are you doing that I'm not doing? That doesn't even make sense because 500 Internet Server Error is on their side; it's nothing either of us is doing. I've tried to create a blog there using multiple browsers and multiple IP addresses and I always get the same thing. And I mean actual...
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    Is blog creation broken for you guys? (screenshot)

    I love that downforeveryoneorjustme site. If you read the first post you will see that the 500 Internal Server Error comes when you try to create a new blog. Their homepage has been up this entire time. The issue is that you cannot create blogs anymore.
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    Is blog creation broken for you guys? (screenshot)

    wow, five ****ing months and this (formerly awesome, but now POS) site is still doing this same 500 Internet Server Error bullshit. Incredible.
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    EZA's word count is F'ed (pics)

    Spell out numbers if they're under 10 or the first word in a sentence. Write them out numerically otherwise. I think that's the rule.
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    EZA's word count is F'ed (pics)

    ^ lol @ quantity over quality. I think the problem was I had some numbers in the article and it was counting those as words even thought they don't count.
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    SEO Search Frequencey / new domain ???

    The amount of times that a word is searched for doesn't affect the rankings of an individual page, if that's what you are asking.
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    Is Google Instant ********ing up anyone else's number of visitors today?

    There are reports that "Google Instant makes SEO irrelevant" All my pages are WAY low on visitors today.
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    whats the difference between exact and phrase when looking at google keyword tool?

    I thought "global" meant "over the world" and "local" meant "in your country."
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    5$ via paypal if you can show me how to use xrumer with my whitehat site

    Xrumer for a whitehat site Hey can someone teach me how to rob a bank legally???