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    Follow planner customer service ?

    There is no option in Followplanner to do that. You have to do this manually!
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    Comments aren't visible...

    I found 1 more problem: I dont reach any Audience on the most posts in the last days I only have 4% engagement of accounts that aren't following me, and in my Insights I dont see any Impressions from hashtags there are 0 its not shown!
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    Comments aren't visible...

    Hi, I used the comment function in FollowPlanner, I checked some posts, and all my comments aren't visible (If I hover the post with the mouse I see that my comment exists), all my comments use spintax. Follow and Liking function is working fine, and the growing/day in the last days are...
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    Instagram Accounts and Followers Provider! Starting from $0.3! ★★★ Free Samples Available ★★★

    I WANT FREE SAMPLES (PLEASE good aged account for aggressive settings!)
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    Reached 10.000 followers just yesterday

    Yea, 1 more disadvantage!
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    Reached 10.000 followers just yesterday

    No, but the most private users have a reason that they are private, so they decline you, and ignore you, in most cases, it is a time waster!
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    Proxy Network usage

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    Proxy Network usage

    Hi, How much GB I need for 30 Days of botting in average?.
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    Cheapest and Most effective IG BOT

    "Cheap", HAHA!
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    FollowPlanner Like blocking

    But the first like for 24h is blocking, which delay?, I post just 2 posts per day (6pm, 9pm).
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    FollowPlanner Like blocking

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    FollowPlanner Like blocking

    High-Proxies (Instagram), socialproxies, and I used home proxy (FP tool). nothing working
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    FollowPlanner Like blocking

    Hi, I use FollowPlanner as Bot service, but in the last days, I only had problems. Like blocks etc. I tried RoboLike I get very less like blocks In FollowerPlanner the first like they attempted I get instantly "Failed to like the post. (feedback required)", What is the...
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    ★ HQ Instagram Accounts for SALE ★ Real Followers - Several Niches

    Hi, I'm Interested in your Pet Accounts, please send me details (and which niche, dogs, cats, or all animals, and followers, price, etc).. Best regards!
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    Tool to analyze followers and remove inactives I think this is what you mean..
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    - The SMM Panel for Providers & Resellers! ✅

    review copy please! username is: kalaiveo
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    Become Instagram Famous [200+ Pages of Content and 100+ Secrets Revealed] [BOOK]

    Is this book optimized to your bot or can I use any bot else?
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    Fail niche

    Yep, that's exactly what I mean. I'm new in this "Business" I would like to try a "easy" niche. Is that a "easy" niche? Or do you know any other "easy" niche?