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    Need $3000 a month minimum by January

    Your PM inbox is full because of which you are not getting my PM. Please empty the inbox so that you can receive my PM.
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    Where can i get a lot of free flash designs?

    As logo.warriors stated that you can try those links, and there are many other sites too. But one thing I must say that if you are searching for free stuff, you have to compromise with the quality.
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    Good, free alternative to Photoshop?

    I have heard of GIMP but it does not support layer effect to my knowledge
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    Little Help with my Porn site

    link is not working, is it changed or removed ??
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    designing web headers

    Deviant Art can solve your problem. It has plenty of stuff that you are searching for
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    Does Anyone Know Where I can Get This?

    what do you need like this site, are you talking about the look of the site or the function of the site.
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    need a PS tut on making header images?

    Hire someone who know the basics atleast of Photoshop.
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    Question for Windows based server.

    To my knowledge it must have atleast PHP to add any additional feature.
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    Help finding a decnt online (free) logo creator

    Search the Google, there are many available. But one thing I must say that Quality is never available in FREE
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    Free website tutorial

    The link work absolutely fine. There is no problem and I got the file too.
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    free backgrounds and images

    You can search the Google. Also you can search a list of free images too.
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    pictures from google

    After using Google images, You are safe until you are claimed. It is better to go for stock images.
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    Need Tutorials for.....

    There are many sources. It is better to search the Google and also you can refer HELP file of the related softwares.
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    Please give feedback on the logo I made

    The Logo is nice and cool. Good work!
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    Rate My Web Design (I feel its too clutterd)

    To be honest the design can be improved more. Font selection is not good.
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    NEED HELP ASAP Landing Page Design

    You need to hire a Freelancer for this job.
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    Get your graphics needs here

    Is it some kind of advertisement??
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    How do the pro's make landing pages?

    Some of them make themselves and many of them outsource their work and get it done.
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    Please Review My Site!!

    The site looks good, it is simple neat and clean.
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    Feedback on my new Logo

    The last Logo is best to go with, out of all.