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    Legitscript suspend domain !!!

    come on guys..anybody?
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    Legitscript suspend domain !!!

    hey guys..i need some help..This legitscript suspend my domain i have for pharmacy,but i have pharmacy license,but they suspend me...i read legitscript is not legal company to do this! my domain was anabolic-pharma-eu Can somebody help me? pleas email me Can you tell me if there is any domain...
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    7search for ppc?

    anybody use them..are they use some robots,etc..i receive over 1000 clicks from them..but nobody registered on my site,so i think its not a real visits,but only robots! what do you think? Ape
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    ppc for pharmacy shop?

    guys,can some ppc process keywords like buy anabolic steroids anabolic steroids sustanon dianabol winstrol since i think Google ADwords not take it.. please help.thanks! Ape
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    PPC for pharmacy?

    hey guys..anybody?
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    How much SEO companys for site?

    hey guys, how much SEO companys is good to better to have only 1 who make SEO for your site or it ok to have 3 companys? is it big different some charge only 100$ month and some charge 300-500$ month or even more? Can be some good SEO done if they charge only 100$? ape
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    PPC for pharmacy?

    hello all do you know any PPC company that take licensed pharmacy shop? for keywords like: buy anabolic steroids steroids shop buy testosterone buy sustanon etc... Thanks for help ape