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    2 weeks old website

    Depending on your niche, you're likely going to have to pump those numbers up (200-300 words is not a lot) if you want to build up your ranking keywords and organically acquire new ones.
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    Paraphrased content

    I paraphrase sometimes and do not get in Google trouble. However, I do not do it often. And when I do, I stick to only paraphrasing a small amount of text, like a paragraph, and immediately site the source right after the paraphrased section. Some popular duplicate content checkers: SEO Review...
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    How soon after new website launch to build first link?

    I usually build the social links (Reddit, FB, tumblr, etc) after the first week, and not get aggressive until after the first month or two
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    [Mega Giveaway] Everyone will get UNLIMITED FREE Wordpress Themes and Plugins of your Choice!

    I need these plugins plz&thankyou: Perfmatters Unlimited Wp Rocket Infinite
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    Will a small amount of bot traffic help rankings?

    Thank you all for the quick advice. This is reassuring that everyone is on the same page about this.
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    Will a small amount of bot traffic help rankings?

    I recently discovered gammatraffic and wanted to test it out on my local money site. I get about 0 to 20 visitors a day since it's a local business, so I'm not looking to drastically increase rankings, just give it a nudge. Anyone have thoughts about nudging your rankings with a small amount of...
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    5 Threads on BHW You Should Be Following Today!

    I really needed this, thanks for sharing!!!
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    [Guide] DR 64 Do-follow High Quality Contextual Link Better Than PBN Link

    I browsed the site and ran tests on some story pages. It shows up for me in SEMrush (good metrics, organic search traffic, etc), the links in stories are do-follow, and they are being indexed.
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    Hola from Los Angeles!

    Hi Ryan! Welcome to BHW!!
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    How Are Your Teeth?

    My teeth are perfectly aligned, and in excellent shape. The only thing is they are probably as yellow as BHW's theme color. Too much coffee and soda in my diet probably
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    My top 7 methods of making EASY money in 2021!

    Great list! Thanks for sharing. I signed up for the tester sites
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    New to the Forum

    Hey BHW. I'm an SEO guy in the healthcare niche. Used to consider myself an SEO specialist with intermediate skills, but after finding BHW and reading through some random threads, I'm a newbie again!