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    skype group for newbies and pro's

    Hello there is a skype group where anyone is welcome to get help with im you can add me on skype=jamezacer2012 and i will add you to the group.
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    where to sell a female facebook account 5k friends.

    Where on this forum can i sell my female facebook account without getting banned? add me on skype jamezacer2012 5 thousand friends
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    The underground Deep deep web.

    one of the best sources of finding deepweb links is pastebin, just a heads up.
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    moving content from one site to another (Manual Action)

    200 pages its not a huge load. quite simply downloading it through cpanel and uploading it again. my main concern is the duplicate content penalty.
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    moving content from one site to another (Manual Action)

    site (A) got blasted to death with 50,000 shit links and some sapes so its safe to say that site is dead in the water, tried disavow and all the usual tactics including begging, telling the truth, lying ect. its game over for site (A) lol
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    moving content from one site to another (Manual Action)

    Hello here is the scenario, site (A) is penalized manual action. site (b) is a fresh domain. I want to move all the content from site (A) to site (B) but i do not want to use any redirects. So how can i do this without a duplicate content penalty.
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    Help To Make Money With Google Adsense..

    Im kinda in the same boat as you good luck on your journey, I have opened 2 websites myself one on tech and the other on online guides. hoping to make roughly the same income.
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    MGCash Shaving the $hit out of me???

    what a wanker! glad i ain't with this dumbass haha
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    Is wordpress still ranking as it was before the update?

    I am currently using wordpress on a couple of sites, they don't and never did rank brilliantly. My question is - Is wordpress still ranking ok or are people jumping ship and going with another cms or custom script for there websites ( after the google updates ). Looking for peoples opinions please.
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    Questions about backlinks

    Yes it does matter always try to get backlinks from relevant websites.
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    Started my first huge website

    ok small update, i am 50 articles into the project and i am seeing ranking keywords, 15 to be precise all inside pages to do with ps4 xbox one and asurion keywords, webmasters shows 320 impressions not bad to say there is no backlinks, aiming at online services at the moment and technology. I...
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    Matt Cutts Sucks. I just got a manual action taaken against my site

    I got one of these yesterday but i don't give a shit about the site, I made my thousands from it so bugger it, Got a new project going and that is the ace card up my sleeve, Like people say ' Don't put all your eggs in one basket'
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    Started my first huge website

    Just like to say i have collected information from here over the months and finally decided to start my first super site. its one of those everything about anything sites, 7 days into the project and i have created 30 pages already under different categories. Onwards and upwards, My aim is 20k...
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    Need Help With Cpanel

    Like everyone says leave it blank, I can confirm this as i have just done it this second to double check.
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    USA Writers Grab Native English Writer With Quality WEB Contents - Fast TAT!

    Got my articles high quality thanks once again!
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    One of them days

    You know the days, The ones where you think f&*$* it!, well yeah i am having one of them days! earnings are all going to pot sites are doing very very grim, just need the old shotgun and a bottle of whiskey haha. Oj, keep positive and keep trying harder, you will get there in the end.
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    How much time did you spend to reach top 10 of Google?

    I was also wondering the same thing with all the questions.
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    What kind of links do you build mostly?

    Mixing both high pr and low pr is the most practical solution for me.