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  1. sdsk8r1


    I would like to change my username as I have been receiving harassment from a few members over a defensive post I wrote about someone I've hired off here who did the exact job I hired him to do. I deleted my responses as the blowback wasn't work my honest input, but I was told I need to PM an...
  2. sdsk8r1

    Need White Hat SEO help for 100+ websites

    I have 100+ condo websites (real estate), pretty much similar design, just one for each city / neighborhood in Southern California. I want to get them to page 1 of Google / Bing... but pretty much want the same tactics applied to all sites at same time if that makes sense. Anyone do off page SEO...
  3. sdsk8r1

    Trade Yelp Reviews (Southern California based account)

    Will trade yelp reviews, have a local So Cal account aged since 2012. Need a friend of mine reviewed who is a Real Estate Agent in So Cal as well. I am good with words, and ready to go. Will also order as many as you can provide for $10 each (must be local to CA and spaced out a few days). Can...
  4. sdsk8r1

    Trade yelp reviews

    I'd like to trade too please PM me when able, local SO CAL Yelp account looking to have a review done for a Realtor friend of mine.
  5. sdsk8r1

    Trade Yelp Reviews

    Add me on Sky pe... I am in Los Angeles close by .... sdsk8r is my sky pe ID
  6. sdsk8r1

    Trade Yelp Reviews (local CA business)

    I am looking to trade yelp reviews to help a Real Estate Agent friend of mine. He already has 5 stars and is a legitimate agent, just most of the clients he helps don't use Yelp, so when they create an account just to leave him a 5 star review, it gets auto flagged and moved to "not...