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  1. Boris66

    How i quit being an addict to smoking - what you should do

    Just quit. Its only up to you how difficult u will make it for urself. You need to make decision you are not smoker anymore and change ur habbits with something else. If gonna stop smoking and think about it 24/7 u gonna have either very hard time or wont stop. It may sound easy but just stop...
  2. Boris66

    Website idea

    Idk if somebody already made it but maybe it will be useful to someone. many artists are doing online concerts or w/e, building website or other channel where you have all the “data” about upcoming performances in various genres....
  3. Boris66


    Hey could you please activate PP for me? Username: slovnik My friend outside of bhw will be submiting ticket soon too about PP, he will be mentioning my username in ticket.
  4. Boris66

    Spotify 2967x Premium Accounts Giveaway[Limited]

    I want it, please.
  5. Boris66

    Asus tuf505gm vs macbook pro 13 touch bar

    HP spectre x360 very satisfied, elegant, could consider heavy but i like it. Havent got any problem ppl are cursing hps but i consider this another tier. You can use it even for gaming since you have 2 GPUS.....
  6. Boris66

    Method- Blog Management Service

    I dont understant how you aim to update content for bloggers. I would definitly go for IG growth service, alot of those ppl waste money on ads and dont know much about it.
  7. Boris66

    Some guidelines to increase your success. (based on my experiences)

    Nice read, I have quit drinking too, wasted alot money was working really small amount but atleast found some clients. Interested in ebook. Good luck.
  8. Boris66

    [Method] Easy Way To Make Tens Of Bucks (with proof)

    Would you mind sharing the site? Good twist is to promote game which isnt out yet, content lock it and find some content. With Runescape oldschool for mobiles was doable
  9. Boris66

    Everyone's been lying to you about hashtags--this is how you really do it.

    I m working mostly with smaller clients so I m talking about my experience, I do research and create them ratio of # by engangment and then adjust it. Heres an example
  10. Boris66

    Everyone's been lying to you about hashtags--this is how you really do it.

    Not sure if anyone mentioned but if you stick to ur # pyramid overtime theyll bring higher reach.
  11. Boris66

    BLACK FRIDAY 2018 - Deals Thread - CYBER MONDAY 2018
  12. Boris66

    Thoughts on 100 DAY CHALLENGE

    Just start doing something and stick to it.
  13. Boris66

    Hungary Businesses Half Year without tax

    Hi Just throwing out some stuff which may help someone, I dont know "rules" for this but in my current job I overheard you dont need to pay taxes in Hungary for 6 months with new business, sure theres alot of opportunuties alike but somebody may benefit. And yes I ve seen "abuse" of it.
  14. Boris66

    [IG] Automation problems

    Well i scheduled times, most likely cause was really doing automation while he was recording videos. Watch out about this and make all info clear ahead so you dont run in same problem as me.
  15. Boris66

    [IG] Automation problems

    If IP would be problem more accounts would be flagged, it happend once on one account. I see problem for now only in doing actions while client recording stories + added value of those hashtags but im not 100% sure. I m running it from clean IP from home.
  16. Boris66

    [IG] Automation problems

    Hello I m botting about 6 accounts with FL from same IP without any problems. But one account of client got lately into block, my main concern is becouse of adding stories while running F/U but im not sure about this. What are your experiences with this? Have you set with your clients time when...
  17. Boris66

    Think biz

    Its quite popular nowadays twitch highlights to YT from non stream owners, hope someone capitalized on it from here.
  18. Boris66

    Have 10k IG accounts, what to do with them?

    You dont seem to be getting pvas so either red flags but anyway I would be carefull about following own profiles. Run mention service for while.