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  1. Blakester

    Looking for a Google Facebook Twitter Ads Expert - Paying To Fix My Landing Page

    Hello, as the title is saying I am looking for someone with the experience of fixing Landing Pages so that they can get approved by google ads (and fb and twitter). The page is ready offering a PDF in exchange of an email lead, but for some reason it gets denied. Please send me information if...
  2. Blakester

    Google, Twitter, Fb Are Not Accepting My Squeeze Page

    Hello, I have a pretty simple squeeze page, giving away a PDF in exchange for an email. For some reason neither fb, twitter or google ads accept it, while at the same time I see many sponsored ads asking for emails. Can anyone shed light on this matter? Is it harder to get an ad accepted in...
  3. Blakester

    Where could I sell my traffic?

    adsense, buysellads, etc
  4. Blakester

    Don't make the mistake I did

    the funniest part was the girl + him words combo. :D Sorry you had to encounter a scammer man, wish you the best!
  5. Blakester

    [RECOMMEND] Need To Purchase A Successful Funnel Tutorial

    I appreciate your replies will test both. (I just started reading billy gene thank you) I am not in an aggressive niche I plan to keep my customers, but at the same time I can go aggro to those who haven't purchased (since they haven't been converted to customers right?) and go easier on people...
  6. Blakester

    [RECOMMEND] Need To Purchase A Successful Funnel Tutorial

    Hello, I'd like to explain my thoughts and if you could recommend me any kind of lesson to purchase i'd really appreciate it. I've seen many people say that it's better to get free email leads and then market them, some others say it's better to get an email along with $37 - $97 since that...
  7. Blakester

    making 500 $ a month

    Check this out :)
  8. Blakester

    facebook ads manager: best objective for insta followers

    Hello everyone, I hope you're having a wonderful day! I am messing with fb ads manager and I have used almost all objectives, but still I can't find one objective that optimizes for insta followers. There's one for fb page likes but not for instagram, unless i'm blind? In your experience, what...
  9. Blakester

    Need motivation? How about a 3x 100$/day day?

    Hm, while I want to believe you, your subject / paragraph combo makes me feel you want to lure some people into your PMs. If your true motive was to give motivation, you can't do it by just saying "I did it" without sharing just a couple of tips (not your method) and most importantly...
  10. Blakester

    If you wanted to hire a few people, what would you like them to do?

    Your question is similar to the "I bought several IM software how can I make money" thing and the answer I'd like to give you is the same. First, you find what you want to do, the plan, the execution must be executed by you first and THEN you outsource. You can't outsource a process which you...
  11. Blakester

    what do you think of Cardi B?

    this guy is lunatic.
  12. Blakester

    what do you think of Cardi B?

    Awesome thoughtful composition combined with meaningful lyrics talking about real love.
  13. Blakester

    Where to spend $30k?

    checkout flippa and get an established website. think before you buy. wishing you the best of luck.
  14. Blakester

    Blackhat SEO dangerous (Google Ban)

    trying to manipulate the search engine is black hat by itself anyway. every method to manipulate the serps is black hat, the only difference is that you make the method... "white hat" by staying under the radar. try everything, experiment, don't be afraid, good luck ;)
  15. Blakester

    Looking for an SMM panel with Greek names / accounts registered in Greek places

    As the title is saying hit me up if your SMM panel can deliver comments from Greek people / Greek places looking legit. Thank you
  16. Blakester

    are weight loss keywords banned in google ads ?

    gambling is a whole different world compared to the diet niche. if you're way too afraid, use a secondary account, but then again you'll most likely receive a warning message rather than an insta ban.
  17. Blakester

    are weight loss keywords banned in google ads ?

    i have a feeling they will most likely check out your landing page, instead of just banning you for keywords. if your landing page doesn't feel shady, chances are you won't have a problem
  18. Blakester

    Thinking About Quitting Digital Marketing & Becoming a Rapper

    The sad part is that with some good editing and mario references, today's society will make it viral and we will probably hear it in all clubs with a trap beat in the background.
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    Boost it with paid ads to get the ball rolling.
  20. Blakester

    need help! starting a new website.

    whats your plan? how will you promote it? How will you monetize it? our thoughts mean nothing compared to your plan.