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  1. krychaj5 - Premium Residential Proxies with Unlimited Bandwidth

    I want to try your proxy. Thanks
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    Mobile emulators or Anti detect browser?

    With mass operations, the emulator uses much more resources. I register thousands of different accounts and use different options, but the one I like the most is the mobile antidetect browser, fingerprints of real phones are great.
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    If you expect quick payback, not branding. Did you choose the option for conversions? This is probably the only effective method, all you need to do is choose the right creations and do not select too narrow a target group at the beginning, let the algorithm find the audience. And when you are...
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    Guys, please note that a cloaker is not a 100% solution for a long time. FB using his mobile application opens pages in the built-in browser and after some time he will find out that we are using cloacker, so it's better not to do it on good accounts that we want to survive for a long time.
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    BAS Bot Comments Dropping with 4G Proxies

    If you are a premium BAS and have access to their support, I recommend that you write to them, they will surely find a solution.
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    They have already written above that it is best to use a coloacker. You can also make a simple landing page and redirect to an affiliate link, in the messenger you send a link to your LP. Depends on the promotion method and category of your promotion.
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    Journey - Making 1000$ in 1 month

    Good luck. I would like to see results, but not from a month or two, but from a long term one. ;)
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    BAS Bot Comments Dropping with 4G Proxies

    Are you using the paid version of the fingerprint change? Although even a free one should change google chrome, only with a limited amount of new requests. This is a really strange situation, have you brought this problem to the BAS community?
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    BAS Bot Comments Dropping with 4G Proxies

    Apparently, you are changing your fingerprint incorrectly. Check it with an online checker.
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    What is the best way to run facebook ads for " Gambling "

    Gambling ads are most often advertised through webview applications, if you take offers from partner networks, ask them if they give the application to their webmasters. Although recently many people also have problems with this method, it is still worth a try.
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    Instagram story view

    This method has become like mass liking and following. The times of unlimited are over.
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    I'm having trouble creating ads through my facebook fan page.

    We have been recording such problems since yesterday. Some fanpages that were created a long time ago give an error when posting an ad. Some accounts manage to create a new page, but there are still problems with launching an ad on it. The problem is fresh, so let's look for solutions together...
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    How can I make this in Blogger?

    Maybe iframe? anyway - it's really basic html+css, You should achieve it after googling for 2-3 times
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    [Journey] passive income $1000/day with dead youtube method | autopilot

    It's not neccesary at all, I was explaining it a few pages earlier in this topic. I don't know how exactly OP approached this subject, but there are a lot of alternative ways to drive traffic from Youtube comments to Your website.
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    Youtube comment Deleting

    Clear cookies, change device, spin Your comments as much as You can Try to watch part of the video before commenting on it
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    [Journey] passive income $1000/day with dead youtube method | autopilot

    Check this post
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    How to download video ads from Youtube?

    Open developer tools in Your browser and watch network tab when ad is loading, there You should find source URL to it’s video
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    I've been at the computer for 20 hours

    Keep going