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  1. djw1606

    Is the glass half empty or half full?

    It's both
  2. djw1606

    How do you keep yourself motivated?

    Stop working at 6pm. Enjoy your evening. Problem solved.
  3. djw1606

    My first video ranked for a keyword that is searched 5M times a month.

    I'd start making some more videos around the same topic, and keywords
  4. djw1606

    How to Find Low Competition Keywords for Merch T-shirt?

    Have you tried Merch Informer?
  5. djw1606

    Anyone excited here for Justice League Snyder Cut?

    I'm excited for it. I thought BvS was amazing, and I thought Endgame sucked.
  6. djw1606

    Why are you all happy that institutional money is being pumped in BTC?

    Sorry, my message was supposed to say "WILL reduce volatility". The current volatility is because of the bull market that is happening now. What I was trying to say was that things will become less volatile in the future.
  7. djw1606

    Why are you all happy that institutional money is being pumped in BTC?

    Institutional investors with reduce volatility, and it will become a far more usable asset
  8. djw1606

    Elon musk´s tweets

    He's not manipulating the market. He is showing the power of social media. He is proving the George Carlin quote: "Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups"
  9. djw1606

    Slideshow software recommendation

    ProShow Producer. You'll find a copy in the Downloads section
  10. djw1606

    Where can I find such mockups?
  11. djw1606

    Does Carryminati really earn $66000 per month from Google adsense on his YouTube channels ?

    He's got almost 29 million subscribers, so he will be making solid bank
  12. djw1606

    How do i become a GANGSTER ...

    You need to get a teardrop tattoo before you can buy my course "a dummies guide to being a gangster"
  13. djw1606

    XRP Next Coin to the Moon? Just Bought

    That's because you played the pump correctly. If you'd have held Doge a couple of days longer, you would have lost money. The OP is being sold on a 30x profit. Not going to happen. The scam is that people who are starting pump and dump groups on cryptos are telling people to drive the price up...
  14. djw1606

    XRP Next Coin to the Moon? Just Bought

    You are being scammed. The pump on Doge didn't go anywhere near that high. They'll sucker people in and jump out with good profits while most people are staring at the moon
  15. djw1606

    XRP is going hard! Pump announced Monday 8:30am est

    It's like the Doge pump over the past few days. Some people influenced by wsb and claiming to be like them, trying to pump stocks up to a certain price, then selling early and claiming profits and leaving the sheep to wonder what happened. The difference with wsb is that it is filled with...